Flying by private jet with infants and children allows you to minimise the stress associated with commercial flights. 

Onboard spacious cabins such as the Embraer Praetor 600 allow your children to move around freely. Amenities onboard let’s your children have access to movies, games to keep them entertained. 

As soon as you arrive at the airport, our teams take care of you in order to reduce boarding time: no waiting, quick access, free parking close to the aircraft. 

On board, we will offer you drinks of your choice as well as sweet and savory snacks. If you would like a particular meal, let us know. 

Everything is organised to make your trip as peaceful as possible. You can avoid the long queues, security lines, crowded terminals by flying private.

A family holiday is a chance to spend more quality time with your children than you’ll normally get day-to-day. 


Infant Seating

Infants will be seated on the lap of the accompanying adult and secured using an extension seat-belt, which will be provided by the cabin crew. Or you can bring your car seat, as long as it meets the required criteria. Your luggage won’t go missing or end up at a totally different location as they’re loaded straight onto your aircraft prior to boarding.



We try to cater for individual requirements and preferences, and we will be happy to arrange  to provide food from your favourite restaurant. If you prefer, our cabin crew would be happy to warm any baby food and bottles you bring with you. Our hot in-flight meals on larger aircraft include a delicious main course of your choice from our menu, as well as a selection of accompaniments.

Meals are unsuitable for babies and very young children, but we are pleased to offer a selection of kids’ meals for children. We can also arrange vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free in-flight meals – look out for them as you explore the menu.

There’s a lot of planning involved when travelling with children.  And we try to take a load off your shoulders with services that make your journey, from booking to landing, worry‑free.