Hire a private jet to reduce your risk of Covid-19. Travelling with your family or close friends in the current climate, makes flying private the safest and best way to travel. Prevent the potential exposure by avoiding busy airport terminals and crowded flights.

Flying on a private jet will facilitate social distancing while travelling to a minimum.There have been a lot of changes and protocols when flying now due to the global pandemic, from arriving at the terminal to boarding your aircraft.

This includes things such as your aircraft being professionally deep cleaned before your charter flight, when you arrive at the terminal, boarding and filling in health forms prior to travel.

In accordance with COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol and Government guidelines we make sure that our passengers check out the new recommendations and procedures before their flight.

Face Masks

For your own safely and the safety of those around you – we ask that all passengers wear face masks/coverings in the terminal lounge area, and for the duration of their flights. We also recommend face masks/coverings are worn for the duration spent at the departing and arriving airport.

Where possible Passengers should be reminded that physical distancing between individuals of 1.5 metres should be maintained as much as is possible in the airport.

The use of face masks should be considered only as a complementary measure and not as a replacement for established preventive measures, such as physical distancing, respiratory etiquette, and meticulous hand hygiene.

On arrival in the UK, Border Force will expect passengers to show the receipt for their submitted form – this can be in either paper form or on an electronic device. Border Force officers will undertake spot checks at the border.

Other Countries

Many countries and territories now have screening measures (temperature checks, health/travel questions, quarantine) and entry restrictions at border crossings and transport hubs.

If you have recently been in a country affected by the virus you may need to be quarantined, or you may not be allowed to enter or travel through a third country.

Please check the GOV.UK website, to keep up-to-date all the latest information for all countries in your itinerary, ensuring you meet their requirements of entry. 

Steps we are taking to reduce Covid-19 risk

Every pilot or crew-member receives a mandatory temperature check pre-tour and a second while on duty. Hygienic conditions and safety precautions on board of our aircraft are more important than ever, therefore we have established special procedures.

Before each flight all crew members are checked for symptoms and temperature screening is applied. Crew will wear masks and gloves as allowed and required. In addition, each crew-member will remain in compliance with WHO-recommended guidelines for social distancing both on the ground and in the air.

Bacoban Surface treatment

In accordance with the World Health Organisation’s Hygiene Sanitation Guide, our entire aircraft fleet has recently been treated with Bacoban®.

An antimicrobial solution approved for aerospace use, Bacoban meets stringent clinical standards while creating a barrier that delivers 10-day surface protection before it is reapplied. Every part of our cabins and flight decks has received an application of Bacoban, and each aircraft carries a certification available for inspection.


Along with the protections afforded by Bacoban, turn-around times are being monitored to ensure that every  cockpit and cabin is able to be thoroughly cleaned and all surfaces carefully disinfected after each flight.


Each of our cabins is equipped with Precaution Kit containing tools to help protect both passengers and crew from possible exposure. Each kit is assembled under strict ISO 9001 quality assurance standards and includes:

The wellbeing of passengers and crew is the highest priority for all of us. To that end, we have taken additional steps along with our partners to strengthen safety and security procedures.

Increasing passenger safety

  • Crew are checked for signs of the virus daily
  • Each aircraft is sanitized after every flight
  • Every aircraft includes hand sanitizer for crew and passenger use
  • Handshake greetings have been stopped
  • Crew will wear protective masks and gloves as required