Bombardier Global Express XRS

The ultimate all round performance Business Jet.

The ultra long range Global Express offers you unprecedented cabin width and comfort with luxurious seating for up to 14 passengers.

This remarkable aircraft can fly you and your colleagues between the two furthest points in the world with the need to refuel only once.

Uncompromising throughout, from the superiority of its leading edge flight deck environment, to the sheer peacefulness of its aft stateroom.

Balancing comfort, speed and range the Global Express XRS is the ultimate in international travel. 

Stepping in the 2,140 cubic ft. cabin of the XRS takes you to the lap of luxury. The cabin measures 8.17 feet wide, 6.25 feet high and a considerable 48 feet from front to back, and exudes comfort.

With room for 14 passengers, the executive jet provides all of the necessary amenities for intercontinental trips.

The Global Express is the ultimate all round performance business jet, with a range of approximately 12 hours, designed to keep the world in the palm of your hand.

Transform the way you travel for business.

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