Bombardier Global 6000

Discover ultimate freedom when flying.

Created to answer the needs of the world’s most discerning travellers for a more advanced, comfortable and luxurious long range business jet.

From the state-of-the-art cockpit, throughout the incomparable cabin, to the tranquil sanctuary of its aft stateroom, seizing the opportunity to demonstrate Global leadership—in style, ingenuity, comfort or convenience—nothing has been overlooked.

Its spacious cabin allows very comfortable ultra long range flights for up to 14 people, around the world, at very high speed: the Global 6000 can take you anywhere on earth with just one refuelling stop.

London to Hong Kong, Tokyo to Moscow and Manchester to Los Angeles are all direct flights on this aircraft. 

Far from cabin traffic, in the quietest part of the aircraft, the aft stateroom—with its luxurious seating, full berthing divan, spacious wardrobe and independent temperature and entertainment systems—offers uncompromising serenity.

The cabin seats themselves are ergonomically crafted, with their substantial width, adjustable headrests, recliner-style leg-rests, and track and swivel capabilities—flexibility that allows you to comfortably berth and sleep seven during overnight flights.

Transform the way you travel for business.

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