Hawker 4000

The Hawker 4000 super mid-size business jet is the largest aircraft in the Hawker family and features all-composite fuselage and swept aluminium wing design.

To make the cabin even more comfortable the 4000 has a flat floor throughout, and six-foot headroom making it comfortable and easy to stand and move about.

Room for a full capability galley, and a large, comfortable and private lavatory.

The Hawker 4000’s interior is quite luxurious, as befits a private jet of its size. The cabin is equipped with all the amenities necessary for a productive office at 45,000 feet: individual worktables, power outlets, and air-to-ground phone all come standard.

Cabin entertainment systems include a CD/DVD player, Rockwell Collins Airshow map, and a full galley with plenty of storage space. Access to the baggage compartment during flight is through the cabin.

The cabin can accommodate eight passengers. Arranged with four pairs of club chairs with tables. The cabin air conditioning and pressurisation system is digitally controlled.

Transform the way you travel for business.

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