Cessna Citation X

Defining the super mid-size private aircraft category.

The Citation X is the perfect aircraft for customers wanting to move faster, be more efficient and get where they need to be more quickly than ever before.

With a top speed of Mach 0.92 (600 miles an hour), the Citation X is one of the fastest commercial aircraft available on the market.

The Citation X private aircraft covers one mile every six seconds, shrinking a Los-Angeles-to-New-York flight to just four hours—an hour faster than conventional business jets.

It can fly from Los Angeles to New York in less than six hours, or from Pittsburg to San Diego in four hours flat.

With coast-to-coast range and efficiency, the Citation X can effectively serve both your regional and transcontinental needs.

Cessna expects it to have the same maximum altitude of its predecessor at 51,000 feet, allowing it to fly above commercial air traffic and adverse weather.

The double club configuration provides extra space for passengers inside the cabin. The Citation X boasts one of the widest, most spacious interiors in its class.

The design provides built-in head and shoulder room, creating an airy, open space.

With a simple touch of a button, the tables deploy, providing ample space for dining or work. Each seat is extremely plush with overstuffed, wide cushions for maximum relaxation.

Affixed within the full service galley is a microwave/ convection oven to keep your catering orders at the perfect temperature up to the last bite.

A bathroom, large enough to double as a dressing room, is located at the rear of the private jet and a closet, large enough to store garment bags, is within reach.

The Citation X’s baggage storage compartment is heated and pressurized so that belongings won’t be damaged in flight. The compartment holds a total of 82 cubic feet, or roughly 770 pounds of luggage.

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