Bombardier Challenger 350

The ultimate super mid-size business jet that can access more airports than any other in its class.

The Challenger 350 has a flight range of 5930km with 8 passengers, enough to reach Moscow and London from Dubai, fly coast to coast in the US, or reach Paris from New York.

With a cabin cross section nearly the same as a large cabin long range aircraft, it has one of the most spacious cabins in its category. It can fly you and up to eight of your employees and guests for 7 hours 15 minutes. If you feel tired during the flight it has 3 sleeping positions which your flight attendant will organise for you.

Inside the spacious cabin, the floor is flat , creating a true large cabin experience and the newly designed seats move around for optimum comfort. What’s more they recline into a fully flat position for comfortable sleeping.

Large windows to let in more natural light and reduce fatigue. The Challenger 350 is equipped with the LHT nice HD Cabin Management System. Wi-Fi, USB ports, and power sockets will ensure that you do business on the move.

HD films can be streamed direct to tablet computers or onto the bulkhead screens from a large on-board storage that will be easily kept up to date, taking your in-flight entertainment to the next level.

Transform the way you travel for business.

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