Bombardier Learjet 60XR

Business-class seating for eight with contoured leather captain’s chairs and executive writing desks/tables.

Committed to transporting you to your chosen destination in a flash, this superior aircraft is one of the newest and most popular mid size , high speed private jets.It extends its exceptional attributes to provide you with outstanding power and performance and a truly spacious interior.

The cabin of the Learjet 60 is the biggest yet in the Learjet line. Able to hold seven or eight passengers, the cabin is designed to have the most space where it counts – specifically, elbow room for seated passengers.

Amenities like fold-out work tables and radio phone come standard, and a fax machine, microwave, and coffee maker can be added as desired.

Enjoy exceptional comfort and preferred cabin amenities including flat screen monitors, CD stereo system with headphones, and a mini galley with bar.

In addition, advanced safety features ensure you will arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed.

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ANTALYA – SOFIA  |   1:31

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