Aircraft Guide

Falcona hand-pick charter aircraft from the best operators around Europe and beyond.

As your ‘charter broker’, we can show you a range of modern, fuel efficient aircraft from across our professional charter market place.

The latest aircraft are installed with the most advanced, capable avionics and cabin technology making the flight more comfortable for passengers and gives pilots more situational awareness.

Fly-by-wire technology also delivers a smoother flight experience for both pilots and passengers.

 Falcona recognise that it’s important to travel on the safest, fastest, most comfortable aircraft. At the same time using the most efficient and clean aircraft, for a better environment.

This is why we choose the aircraft we charter. 

Private Jet Charter - Aircraft Guide - Falcona Private Jets
Private Jet Charter - Ultra Long Range Jets


Travel in ultimate luxury and comfort. These aircraft are ideal for long transatlantic flights up to 17 hours. Some of these aircraft seat up to 18 people.

Private Jet Charter - Heavy Jets


Extremely popular aircraft for VIPs, executives and families. Non stop flights up to 9 hours and seating for up to 15 people.

Private Jet Charter - Super Mid-Size Jets


The super mid-size aircraft is more popular with travellers now as it’s  perfect for business executives and family holidays. Seating for up to 10 passengers and up to 8 hours flying time.

Private Jet Charter - Super Light Jets


The smallest aircraft that we charter. These type of aircraft are ideal and popular for short flights around Europe, with seating for up to 8 passengers and up to 4 hours flying time. 

Falcona is a charter broker, not an operator , which means we can show you a range of aircraft from across the marketplace.

Falcona Private Jets acts on behalf of its clients and serves as an agent/broker. 

**Falcona Private Jets does not own or operate aircraft**