Private jet cabins come in all sort of configurations and sizes. Falcona can source the perfect aircraft for your travel requirements. Large jet cabins offers great flexibility, including the option of a forward or an aft galley and an aft stateroom. 

You’re spoilt for choice and they type of aircraft required, will come down to you personal preference. You can even stroll down a generous aisle or recline in all-new leather seats.

More space to relax. Enjoy extra room to stretch out on raised cushioned leg rests for added comfort. Larger aircraft also come with a flight attendant, full galley and stand up washrooms as standard.  



From the 9 seat aircraft such as the Embraer Praetor 600 to the 14 seat Bombardier Global 6000, the cabins are designed to make you feel at home or in the office even at 40,000ft.  

The list of amenities onboard private aircraft will impress even the most seasoned global travellers. Conference tables that accompany an internally accessible luggage closet, jet beds, six fully berthable seats and both a divan and credenza.

Many of the larger aircraft cabin arrangement feature three unique sections, a forward and aft lavatory, and a double-forward galley. For overnight trips, aft-cabin sleeping quarters offer a peaceful, quiet respite.


Gulfstream G650ER

Larger aircraft such as the Gulfstream G650ER cabin offers great flexibility, including the option of a forward or an aft galley and an aft stateroom. 

Four-zone cabin configuration for meetings, dining, and relaxation presents a spacious escape.

Featuring a private entertainment area, the Gulfstream G650 invites you to recline with a custom ottoman or catch up on the day’s news via a 42-inch flat-screen TV.

The spacious interior is a refined getaway above the clouds where supreme comfort meets high design and innovation.

Gulfstream’s clean air system delivers 100% fresh air every two to three minutes, and our air-ionizing technology neutralizes allergens and viruses. Sixteen panoramic oval windows—the largest in business aviation—offer abundant natural light.

Your comfort and productivity in mind, our handcrafted seats allow you to settle in and enjoy the journey. Adjustable headrests and a deeper recline help you to get your comfort just right, before you sleep under the stars of the overhead mood lighting.