Discover the Global Express

Charter the Bombardier Global Express private jet with Falcona for your next business or leisure flight. Regarded as one of the most luxurious business jets on the market, the Global Express exudes comfort, performance, and features that create an uncompromising travel experience. We have access to 26 Bombardier Global Express aircraft, worldwide.

It can fly intercontinental ranges without refuelling, New York City–Tokyo or between most two points in the world with only one stop. In this class the Global Express competes with the Gulfstream G550.

Flying faster and farther and climbing quicker than any other business jet in its class, the Bombardier Global Express offers spacious cabins that provide maximum flexibility for VIP transport. The Bombardier Global Express has a range of 5,940 miles.

The Global is the business jet with the second largest cabin after the Gulfstream G650. It can accommodate 12 to 16 passengers in three cabin sections: mostly a forward four-chair club section, a central four-seat conference grouping and an aft three-place divan facing two chairs.


A fully equipped galley, that supports fine dining, and a crew rest area accompany three additional distinct cabins. This jet will accommodate 13 passengers, with the forward cabin featuring a double club configuration, the mid-cabin offering a four-seat conference layout, and the fully private aft cabin featuring a divan opposite two individual seats.

The aircraft offers forward and aft lavatories, and can be berthed to accommodate 6 sleepers for ultimate relaxation. 27 large windows shower the cabin with natural light, and the 100 percent fresh-air system and a low cabin altitude to help reduce fatigue on long flights.

Offering an expansive 48 feet of interior space, the Global aircraft provide complete passenger customization through the use of an iPod Touch at every seat to control the environment including lighting, window shades, temperature, entertainment, and more.

The Global Express sets a new world standard for performance, range, speed, safety and comfort. A full array of sophisticated, next-generation technology improves pilot situational awareness and enhances safety.


With flexible wing construction affording one of the most comfortable rides in rough air of any business aircraft, as well as a pressurization system that maintains cabin altitude at 4,500 feet to greatly reduce passenger and crew fatigue, and an enhanced design for minimal cabin noise, a seamless and enjoyable flight is provided, every time.

The Global Express is recognisable by the winglets on its low/swept wing and its swept T-tail with swept horizontal stabilizer. It has two rear fuselage mounted engines, and 13 cabin windows on each side.

The Global Express features a new supercritical airfoil with a 35° wing sweep and winglets. It is powered by two BMW-Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofans with FADEC. The flight-deck features a six screen Honeywell Primus 2000 XP EFIS suite.

The 14.73m-long cabin is heated and air-conditioned. An Ultra Electronics active noise and vibration-cancellation system ensures quiet conditions in flight.

The baggage compartment at the rear of the cabin is accessible in flight. The port side door at the front of the cabin has air-stairs.


Max. 14 passengers

2 lavatories (Fwd and Aft)

Baggage compartment accessible during flight, Max.  25 pieces of luggage.

Video and stereo audio features and noise cancelling headsets.

Airshow 2000, Airborne telecommunication, and Honeywell Satcom.

Fully equipped galley with espresso machine, coffee maker,  conventional oven and microwave.

Max. endurance:  12 hours non-stop.

Cabin height: 6.25 ft (1.91 m) 

Cabin length: 42.47 ft (12.94 m)