Discover the Learjet 75

‘Speed & Grace’

The Learjet 75 is a light business jet manufactured by the Learjet division of Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace. A favourite charter jet of our clients for its speed, comfort and sleek looks.

With its range of up to 4 hours and seating for eight in a double club configuration, the Learjet 75 is a great aircraft for travelling around Europe.

These new models from 2017 feature new avionics, winglets, and powerful engines that use less fuel. The airframe is based upon the Learjet 45 which it has replaced.

The cabin of the Learjet 75 business jet is in a class of its own, designed for ultimate comfort and privacy: flat floor for ease of movement, pocket door for reduced noise levels, and fully-equipped for productivity.

Step up into an unmatched super light private jet experience.


The Bombardier Learjet 75 provides the luxury and comfort of a larger aircraft in a light jet, delivering the ultimate travel experience. With new performance levels and efficient range, it combines convenience with cutting-edge in-flight technology and connection capabilities.

It flies further and faster than its closest competitor with full passenger and fuel capacity. With the only 8-seat double-club configuration in the category, meet as you would on the ground in a boardroom like no other. Elegantly appointed, the aircraft’s double-club configuration ensures 8 comfortable executive seats, without any seat facing a backrest.

Highly efficient Honeywell engines power the Learjet 75 business aircraft, and provide a 12% Takeoff Field Length improvement. This is power that raises the bar. The Learjet 75 business jet delivers a high speed cruise of Mach 0.81 – the highest in its class.

Its powerful engines and forward-thinking aerodynamics with new winglet design enable it to carry 8 passengers with full fuel.


The Learjet 75 aircraft’s increased thrust contributes to a shorter take-off, faster climb rate and an unsurpassed 464 knots top speed, powered by the most recent evolution of engines proven in over 100 million flight hours.

Even with these advantages and its class-leading hot-and-high performance, the Learjet 75 aircraft still offers superior fuel efficiency versus competitors travelling at similar cruise speeds.

And with an operating ceiling of 51,000 ft (15,545 m), it flies over-the-weather altitudes for smoother flights and avoids the delays of congestion at lower altitudes. •

The Vision Flight Deck brings together the latest navigation and communications capabilities to decrease pilot workload and increase situational awareness wherever business takes you.


The Learjet 75 aircraft’s wing design and best-in-class wing loading offer passengers the smoothest ride in the light jet category.


The wing design and best-in-class wing loading provide the smoothest ride in the light jet category. The canted winglet design was incorporated from the Bombardier Global 7500/8000.

Its powerful engines and forward-thinking aerodynamics with new winglet design enable it to carry 8 passengers with full fuel.


The only flat floor cabin and 8-seat double-club configuration in the light jet category.


The only light jet to feature a forward pocket door; sit back and relax in the quietest and most private cabin in the category.


The only light jet certified to a higher safety standard. From full flight control redundancies to dual wheel main gears with robust carbon brakes; we worry about the details so you can focus on what’s important.

You can rest assured knowing that the Learjet 75 aircraft has been designed with safety in mind.

  • Part 25 Certified: Complies with higher safety standards than its competitors.
  • Dual wheels: Approach every runway with confidence.
  • Thrust reversers: Stopping you well ahead of the competition.


Stay connected at all times. Control your environment, access high-speed internet, and enjoy the latest entertainment. Do it your way while you’re on your way.


Latest technology

The most advanced and best equipped cabin in its class boasts a state-of-the-art cabin management system, high-definition bulkhead monitor, integrated side-wall speakers, and six personal touch-screen monitors that stow or deploy as you need.

The result is the best and broadest entertainment, information and connectivity experience in its category. As the only light jet to feature a pocket door between the cockpit and the cabin, you’ll enjoy the quietest and most private ride.

Flight deck

Designed with the pilot’s comfort in mind, the Bombardier Vision flight deck features a synthetic vision system, enhanced ergonomics, and advanced touch screen controls for a more productive mission. 

Cabin features

  • 7” touch screen display at most of the seats with Audio/Video control
  • Air-conditioning
  • Blu-ray DVD player
  • Forward 12.1” HD bulkhead monitor
  • Full audio system with hidden trim panel speakers
  • Full champagne bar
  • Fully enclosed washroom with lavatory
  • Galley with hot and cold drinks units
  • SAT phone
  • Wi-Fi
  • Rotational seats 


  • Length 58 ft 0 in
  • Wingspan 50 ft 11 in
  • Wing area 309 ft2
  • Height 14 ft 0 in

Typical routes & travel times

  • London to Amsterdam: 35 minutes
  • Manchester to Faro: 3 hours
  • London to Marrakesh: 3 hours 20 minutes