The brand new Gulfstream G500

Gulfstream G500 will soon be available for charter flights around the globe. Gulfstream are the leading private jet manufacturers and the release of the the G500 shows that they have no intention of relinquishing their status. The recently certified G500 represents a leap forward in flight deck and flight control interface design, a bold move for a manufacturer as conservative as Gulfstream yet also a logical progression in business jet design.

The G500 is a delight to fly, a significant step up in handling compared to the non-fly-by-wire (FBW) designs (G550 and below). And the many touchscreens that run the avionics and systems feel as natural as wings on airplanes.

Although the G450 is out of production, the G550 remains in demand and will continue rolling off the production line as long as buyers continue placing orders for the 6,750-nm ultra-long-range jet.

If that much range isn’t needed (nor the range of the G650) but a wider cabin and higher speed is, then the G500 and G600 ought to be a logical choice for those who appreciate the Gulfstream brand.

G500 cabin leather seats

The new cabin measures 91 inches wide and 74 inches high, while the G550 is 84 and 72 inches and the G650 is 98 and 75 inches. Range at Mach 0.90 with eight passengers and three crew is 4,400 nm in the G500 and 5,100 nm in the G600.


Speed sculpted. The G500 introduced the industry’s most aerodynamically efficient and advanced wing. Throttle back to Mach 0.85 and range climbs to 5,200 and 6,500, respectively. Those numbers, incidentally, are higher than originally projected: the G500’s range grew by 600 nm at Mach 0.90 and 200 nm at Mach 0.85.

The new jets carry the Gulfstream heritage forward, retaining the T-tail and clean-wing layout, but also incorporating the trailing-link landing gear of the G650.

The G500 wing is Gulfstream’s first wing assembly manufactured in-house, and the new models represent a significant step up in Gulfstream’s vertical integration, as well as being clean-sheet designs with their own type certification.


Every aspect of our new Gulfstream G500’s design and performance is dedicated to the fastest flight possible. In the cabin, every detail is devoted to providing a uniquely personalised and completely comfortable interior.

The Gulfstream G500 can fly easily non-stop from the Middle East to Europe, Asia and Africa, delivering an optimal balance of speed and comfort that helps passengers maximise every minute of their travel time.


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request.

Any additional operational charges that we may incur to operate this quoted schedule, ie Out of Hours (OOHs) and airfield Extensions, Fire Cover Upgrade and AIRCRAFT DE-ICING are not included in this quotation price. This estimated price is subject to availability, slots, traffic rights and schedule.

Pictures courtesy of Gulfstream