Discover the Global 6000

Charter the Bombardier Global 6000 private jet for your next business or leisure flight. It’s one of the most advanced and accomplished long-range aircraft for our more discerning guests.

Sophisticated, spacious cabin with business amenities provides the ultimate environment for en-route productivity or relaxation. You will have a designated flight attendant on your aircraft to make sure of a seamless service from take-off to landing.

The Bombardier Global 6000 is a best-in-class jet with exceptional transatlantic capabilities. It perfectly balances comfort, speed, and range in order to accommodate the needs of the most demanding business traveller. The full-service galley and separate crew area, creating a private environment.

The extremely quiet cabin also features a private room with 2 full size beds, conducive to relaxation on long range flights, and the largest baggage compartment in its class that’s accessible in-flight.

Global 6000 seats a total of 14 passengers. There are seven berthable beds and two, three-seat coaches, perfect for a long-term and short-term sleeping. In all of the Global 6000 models there are a total of ten comfortable captain chairs.

These chairs are designed to be spacious, providing increased legroom compared to other long-range jets. Due the long periods of time travellers spend sitting down, our chairs are equipped with comfortable cushioning and unlimited elbow room.


The Global 6000 jet was designed to have social and private seating areas, providing comfortable resting spaces, and allow for an overall comfortable lounging experience.

While aboard the Global 6000, passengers are given Gogo Biz high-speed internet services for all your entertainment and business purposes. Each Global 6000 flight has 12 ipads to provide passengers the ability to work or play while on their way to their destination.


Included in each aircraft are three Satcom phones and surround sound DVD and flat screen monitors.Because of the extraordinary nature of this aircraft, it has become a fast favourite among corporations and individuals with travel needs that span the globe.

The Global 6000, for example, has an IFR range of 6,000 nm, which is enough to, well, take you to some spectacular places.

The innovations have included new avionics capabilities, integrating large flat-panel display systems and a variety of cutting-edge safety systems, including head-up displays and enhanced-vision system.


With the world’s financial centre separated by vast distances, the ability to fly direct from cities such as London to Mumbai is a major plus point for business travellers.

In a Global 6000, flights from Los Angeles to New York are a breeze, and intercontinental flights such as New York to London can be conducted with ease. Because of the Global 6000’s ability for speed, non-stop travel is more than possible and there is no reason to stop and refuel.

At its ceiling of 51,000 feet, the Global 6000 maintains a cabin altitude of lower than 6,000 feet, a remarkable figure and one that helps assure passengers will arrive at their distant destination refreshed and ready to go.

A sleek, elegant and clean design that is also smartly laid out and comfortable even for the long haul. The cabin itself is wide.

There are three zones, and the cabin is fully wired, with HD displays throughout, Blu-ray piped through the cabin, in-cabin networking and high-speed Internet.


It’s easy to see why those with the need to do business from one end of the earth to the other will find the Global 6000 a tool that’s hard to beat.


Average baggage capacity*

A combination of 10 medium suitcases, 4 ski sets and 1 golf set *based on suitcases with dimensions 80cm x 70cm x 20cm Baggage compartment cargo and volume Maximum 454 kg Maximum 5.52m3

The wide, remarkably luxurious cabin of the Global 6000 is a great place to get work done while transiting the globe.

Flying in a  Global 6000 is an experience like no other. It provides a quiet and comfortable oasis in the sky, making it one of the most stylish planes in private jet travel.


With a range of 7,000 miles and a Mach 0.89 operating speed, this jet is built for fast and efficient travel.

Interior Features

  • 10 captain’s chairs, two 3-seat couches
  • 7 Berthable beds
  • International and Domestic Wi-Fi
  • 3 passenger Satcom phones
  • Surround sound DVD and flat screen displays
  • High-speed internet service for movies, books, TV shows, weather updates, flight times, and web surfing
  • Full service galley with conventional and microwave ovens.

The Bombardier Global 6000 is the ultimate corporate aircraft as it boasts one of the tallest, widest and longest passenger cabins in its class, which allows up to fifteen passengers to be seated in extreme comfort.

The Bombardier Global 6000 also boasts incredible performance and endurance putting city pairs line Beijing – Paris or Moscow – Miami within easy reach.

We love the Global 6000 aircraft and we always recommend it for our clients looking for a large cabin private jet experience.