Discover the Citation Sovereign+

Hire the Cessna Citation Sovereign private jet for your next business trip or holiday with the family. This comfortable and rational super mid size aircraft was created for transcontinental flights, taking into account the requirements of passenger convenience and safety.

The strongest feature of the Cessna Sovereign is its flight range. He is able to fly 5930 km without landing for refueling. This means that it can easily fly from coast to coast in the United States or perform transcontinental flights New York – Paris or Dubai – London.

This range is inherent in higher-class aircraft, but the Citation Sovereign retained the advantages of a medium-sized aircraft, such as the ability to land and take off from shortened runways, as well as the ability to operate the aircraft in high mountains.

The height of the cabin is 173 cm, the width of the cabin is 168 cm, the length of the cabin is 7700 cm. Thanks to the central recess in the floor, it is quite convenient for passengers to move around the cabin during the flight.

This recess in the floor also makes it possible to be in the toilet in full height, which in some cases can be used to change the outfit, and which is separated from the main salon by a dense wooden door.

The classic Cessna Sovereign cabin layout consists of 9 individual seats: 2 clubs of 4 seats plus one chair facing the exit. If necessary, the seats can be transformed into 4 berths by means of jet troubles (air mattresses filling the space between the chairs opposite each other, organizing horizontal, even berths).

The Sovereign interior also offers an improved ergonomic design with integrated armrests that increase the aisle, an extra lumbar support and a footrest for maximum comfort. Your trip is guaranteed to be relaxing and enjoyable.

An isolated lavatory, equipped with a washbasin and combined with a wardrobe, as well as a spacious luggage compartment complete the picture, making it ideal. In the standard configuration, in the front of the cabin there is a 30-inch mahogany chest of drawers for storing tableware, dishes, snacks and hot drinks.

The unique Clairity ™ system in the Sovereign is equipped with a convenient touch screen that allows control from the passenger seat. The interactive capabilities of the card, the integration of smartphones, tablets and MP3-players, as well as a stationary on-board system that provides Internet access, means that you will always be in touch.

Another strong competitive quality of the Cessna Citation Sovereign and Sovereign + is the spacious 3.82 trunk. Such a luggage compartment will fit 8 large suitcases on wheels and another 8-10 soft bags. Sovereign is perfect for shopping tours or for trips with family and children on long trips with lots of luggage.

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Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request.