Discover The Citation Latitude

The Cessna Citation Latitude exceeds all expectations of a mid-size jet. Filling the gap between the XLS and the Citation Sovereign.

We have access to 10 Cesnna Citation Latitude aircraft in the UK and Europe. Reaching a cruise speed of up to 513mph the Latitude can comfortably and efficiently fly from London to Tel Aviv without a fuel stop. Perfect for a business trip or a family holiday. Our clients love the wide spacious cabin, that the Latitude offers.

The Cessna Citation Latitude boasts 6ft cabin height, large, spaced windows and exposed pedestals to allow greater legroom, promoting a true feeling of space. The seating is not only functional but comfortable boasting 180 degree swivel capability and infinite recline positions, presenting each passenger with an exclusive and luxurious travel experience.


Enjoy a wide, stand-up, flat-floor interior and experience a comfortable cabin altitude of 5,950 feet while cruising at 45,000 feet. The Citation Latitude merges beauty, comfort, range and power to create pleasurable, productive business travel that transcends the super mid-size category.

Ten large windows optimally located for viewing throughout cabin. Fully articulating seats allow for a customisable club configuration. Berthable seats. Stay connected and be productive with the state-of-the-art cabin management system and internet.

Wireless cabin management comes standard and allows access to digital media, individual interactive moving maps and satellite radio, giving passengers complete control from their personal mobile devices.

A different kind of business jet


CLASS-LEADING BAGGAGE COMPARTMENT The external baggage compartment features a class-leading threshold, integrated steps and a capacity of up to 1,000 pounds and 100 cubic feet.

TOUCH-SCREEN AVIONICS NextGen-capable, Garmin™ G5000™ avionics streamline the pilot experience with advanced autothrottles and touch-screen simplicity.

SPACIOUS CABIN Large windows, 30 inches of legroom, a flat floor and a 6-foot-high cabin provide unrivalled comfort.

LOW CABIN ALTITUDE With a low cabin altitude of 5,950 feet, the Latitude keeps you feeling refreshed during flight.

LARGE LAVATORY The Latitude’s lavatory is exceptionally spacious — 60 percent larger than its closest competitor.

CLEAN-WING DESIGN Latitude’s clean-wing design gets you off the runway fast with a 3,580-foot take-off field length.

Their window to the world is the Garmin G5000 avionics with four full-colour touch-screen displays and primary flight displays (PFD) featuring the Garmin SVT™ synthetic vision system.

The Citation Latitude flight deck features fully integrated autothrottles and the LinxUs on-board diagnostic system, setting a new standard in efficient operation. Pilots type-rated for the Citation Sovereign® + aircraft are already type-rated for the Citation Latitude.  

Powered by twin Pratt & Whitney PW306D1 FADEC-controlled turbofan engines deliver the Citation Latitude’s impressive performance.

The Citation Latitude flight deck, centred around Garmin™ G5000™ avionics, is designed to provide pilots with the comfort and information they need for a reliable and efficient flight.

Pilots can take command of the aircraft’s robust navigation, traffic, surveillance and communications systems with ease. In addition, the integrated flight management system provides extensive navigation and flight-planning as well as en route, take-off and landing performance information.


The three 14-inch landscape flight displays, can function independently as a primary flight display or multifunction display.

The displays also function in multi-pane mode, the centre pedestal for MFD control and two additional panels control each PFD. Pilots can customise displays via the touch screen control panels, organizing and prioritising the flight data presented.


The Garmin™ Synthetic Vision Technology™ (SVT) system offers a virtual-reality view of terrain, obstacles, traffic and runways-everything beyond the windshield.

Using the terrain-altering database, pilots get a realistic picture of what lies beyond the nose of the Citation Latitude.

Garmin SVT enhances pilots’ situational awareness by creating a virtual depiction of group and water features, obstacles and traffic, even in a solid IFR or night time VFR conditions.

Your flight

The Citation Latitude, comes with standard catering of snacks and beverages stocked to your taste, single-serve coffee and hot beverage machine. Inflight dining is served by your flight attendant, who will look after all your needs during your flight. You will also have your favourite newspapers and magazines onboard. 

Our feedback from customers who have flown on the Citation Latitude is that they love the roomy interior, and large luggage capacity, making it perfect for travelling with their family and friends.