To make your journey as smooth as possible and avoid unnecessary delays, we ask that you read our security procedure. 

Security screening of all passengers, crew and luggage is required prior to boarding for charter (non-scheduled commercial) flights over 10 metric tons.

We recommend that you arrive at the private jet terminal at least 45 minutes prior to departure. 

All passengers must pass through security control before boarding your aircraft. 


Large cabin private jets such as the Embraer Legacy 500Embraer Legacy 650, Gulfstream G550 and Dassault Falcon 900EX to name a few which weigh over 10 tonnes will need screening. 

Prior to your booking we will notify you of the time you need to arrive at the terminal to ensure you get through security screening as quickly as possible.

This process generally takes 2 minutes per passenger, so you will be able to board your aircraft swiftly. 

Hand Baggage

We would remind all passengers that each operator has their own policy regarding the amount of hand baggage allowed on their aircraft and we strongly recommend that information regarding this is sought directly from the operator before travel.

If under 100ml and in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag, passengers are permitted to take liquids, gels and pastes through security separately from their hand baggage.

It is best to prepare your liquid bag no larger than 20cm x 20cm, not exceeding one litre, before arrival at the terminal. They are however available if you forget to bring your own.

The bag must be one litre, which is around half the size of a standard A4 piece of paper and it must be sealable.

Falcona can help you with your Private Jet requirements…

What is a liquid?

  • Water and other drinks, soups, syrups.
  • Pastes, including toothpaste.
  • Creams, lotions and oils, including lip balm and moisturiser
  • Perfumes.
  • Make-up, including lipsticks and mascaras
  • Sprays, including sun-tan lotion
  • Inhalers
  • Gels, including hair and shower gels
  • Contents of pressurised containers, including: shaving foam, other foams and deodorants
  • Liquid-solid mixtures
  • Any other item of a similar consistency

Always check in any liquid over 100ml and if you’re unsure whether an item will be allowed through, please always check it in with your hold luggage.

Please note – if you wish to bring your own containers to hold 100ml or less, the container must have printed on it the measurement that the container can hold.

Travel sets of containers that do not have measurements on them will not be allowed through security. Handwritten measurements or stickers are also not acceptable.

Laptops and other electrical equipment (iPads, hairdryers, straighteners, large speakers, large cameras, docking stations, irons) have to be removed from hand luggage and screened separately.

If you’re flying to the USA please ensure electrical devices are charged and capable of being switched on.have a prescription or doctors note for the medication. The passenger may only carry through security the quantity of liquid medication that is required for their journey.

Hold luggage (what you check in) and hand luggage (what you take on the plane) must be below a certain weight and size. Please check with your airline for more information.

Do not pack sharp objects.
Do not carry items for other people.
Do not leave your baggage unattended at any time.