Music Tours

Arrive in style and on time with a private jet charter.

Relax in your VIP lounge, breeze through your dedicated security and take your private jet to your next gig, stress free.

Private jets are a practical solution for anyone in the music business who needs to travel quickly and efficiently around Europe.

For musicians, bands, DJs and producers squeezing multiple festivals and gigs into a short period of time, especially over the summer months, often the only viable way to make all their touring commitments is private jet charter.

We work closely with record labels, management agencies and tour managers making sure every last detail is taken care of. 

Book air travel around your own schedule of shows or appearances. This could be a series of flights on different aircraft or charter of a single aircraft for an extended period of time.

Transform the way you travel for music.

Falcona can help you with your Private Jet requirements…



Our team will work closely with your tour managers and promoters to make sure that all your tour demands and schedules are met. 

We’re  ideally based at Manchester airport, close to the Manchester Evening News Arena (MEN) and Creamfields, for flights with great knowledge of the area. Contact us today to discuss a bespoke package for your music tour, on 0161 436 0124.