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Note: Prices shown here are estimated prices for charter of the whole aircraft. This estimated price is subject to availability, slots, and schedule.


There’s no better way to travel for your family holidays. A time for parents to relax and the children to explore whilst creating memories that last a lifetime.

Falcona can fly you and your family all over the world, to your favourite holiday destination or to somewhere new and exciting. Destinations include Spain which is a favourite for UK travellers, in particular Malaga, Mallorca, Ibiza and the Canary Islands.

France has some well known private jet destinations such as Nice, Cannes and Paris, whilst Provence is becoming more popular. 

The Algarve in Portugal is popular all year round, whilst Lisbon and Madeira are gaining popularity. Italy has so many hot spots for travellers, with the Amalfi Coast still as popular as ever, Sardinia Olbia, Puglia, and the usual destinations such as Milan, Rome and Florence. Croatia is now proving popular with private jet travellers, Dubrovnik and Split being the main destinations. 

These destinations can easily be be reached from the UK on aircraft such as the 13 seat Embraer Legacy 650. 



Further afield America is the most popular private jet destination, you can fly direct from the UK to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and New York on ultra long range aircraft.

Dubai is a proven winner during the winter for travellers looking for some warm weather sun. The Caribbean, The Maldives and Mauritius also show no sign of slowing down either. 

These destinations will require a ultra long range private jet from the UK such as the Bombardier Global 6000.



When you come to book your charter flight all you need to do is tell us, where you want to travel from and too, date of travel, duration, number of passengers and how much luggage you would like to take.

Aircraft: We hand pick all of our charter aircraft for your journey. We value quality and peace of mind than finding the cheapest jet for your flight. Our charter operators from Europe and beyond all have modern aircraft and are reliable.

Catering: We can accommodate any catering preferences you might have and should be made aware of any specific dietary needs. In the absence of a bespoke catering request, standard VIP catering will be provided suitable to the time of day and length of your flight.

Pets on Jets? DEFRA approved carriers are able to carry pets on our charter aircraft. Please contact us to discuss your personal pet travel needs.

Falcona can help you with your Private Jet requirements…