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Arrive in style and on time with a private jet charter.

Relax in your VIP lounge, breeze through your dedicated security and take your private jet to your next gig, stress free.

Private jets are a practical solution for anyone in the music business who needs to travel quickly and efficiently around Europe. For musicians, bands, EDM DJs and producers squeezing multiple festivals and gigs into a short period of time, especially over the summer months, often the only viable way to make all their touring commitments is private jet charter.

Free from the need to fit with rigid commercial airline flight times, with private jet charter you can book air travel around your own schedule of shows or appearances. This could be a series of flights on different aircraft or charter of a single aircraft for an extended period of time.

Transform the way you travel for music.

Falcona can help you with your Private Jet requirements…

More Time

Eliminate the time wasted in airport terminal queues by simply turning up at the designated private jet terminal and check in to the comfortable VIP lounge. Here, you can relax, away from the crowds, until your flight is ready to depart.

However, you won’t be spending long in the lounge, because in many cases, it is only necessary to check in 15 – 30 minutes prior to your flight From the lounge, you will breeze straight through the private security screening area with your entourage and you’re ready to board.

Rapid check-in and departure is just one of the ways in which private jet travel saves time. Private jet flights in Europe have been shown to save an average of 127 minutes (just over 2 hours) compared to equivalent commercial travel.

Greater Flexibility

Direct, point-to-point flying means that artists can visit more destinations in a single day, arriving reliably at each show thanks to the reduced likelihood of delays both at the airport and from airspace congestion at major hubs. Even bad weather doesn’t affect private jet travel to the same extent that it disrupts commercial flights, because private jet operators can flexibly alter routes when needed.

During the flight you can catch up on sleep, work on new music, eat or do whatever you want, in complete privacy and without disturbance from other passengers.

More Choice

Another way that private jet charter saves musicians’ time is by arriving closer to the final destination. Private jets can fly to many more airports than their commercial counterparts, meaning you can land nearer to your next venue with minimal transfer times.

When you touch down at the destination airport, you will clear customs and immigration within ten minutes, ready to step into the chauffeured car waiting outside.

When it comes to travelling to gigs with critical or expensive pieces of equipment, private jet charter also offers the best solution. Rather than risking items being lost or damaged during transit through a major airport, irreplaceable possessions can be kept on-board or close by in the hold of your own aircraft.


Our team will work closely with your tour managers and promoters to make sure that all your tour demands and schedules are met; last minute changes are always an issue but rest assured we will be on hand to solve any problems. Branding of your aircraft can also be organised for your tour.

Based at Manchester airport, close to the Manchester Evening News Arena (MEN) Falcona specialises in private jet charter for private and corporate clients, helping them select the best aircraft and flight arrangements for their needs. Contact us today to discuss a bespoke package for your music tour, on 0161 436 0124.