Pets on Jets

Charter a private jet with Falcona for a safer and more secure way of travelling with your beloved pet. For some people travelling with pets is no fun if their four-legged member of the family can’t come along. With a private jet charter flight you can avoid all the stress and hassle of flying commercial.

Remember, no matter where you’re headed or how you plan to get there, make sure your pet is micro-chipped for identification and wears a collar and tag imprinted with your name, phone number and any relevant contact information.

Travelling by plane?

What are the requirements? Certain rules & regulation need to be met first before bringing your pet into the UK. 

Only Certain pets can enter into UK. Current regulations & restrictions only allows cats dogs & ferrets into the country from outside the EU.

All pets must possess a pet passports must be micro chipped and all vet documents must be provided and up to date. Dogs must be treated for tapeworm between 1-5 days prior to travel and have documents to confirm this.


Make sure that all your documents are correct and up to date, regardless if you have sent them to your charter broker or the handling agents.Your pet could be subject to 4 months in quarantine if your documents are not correct.

Approved Carrier

You can only fly on a approved operator/carrier with your pet into UK pet approved airports. Using Falcona can save you time and hassle, as we will search our database for pet friendly approved carriers from all over Europe.


There are over 40 approved carriers/operators based in Europe that can fly you and your pet into and from Manchester Airport. We work closely with these operators on a regular basis, meaning you have that extra support and knowledge when booking a pet flight.

Falcona source the ideal aircraft for your flight, from a six seat Embraer Phenom 300 to a 14 seat Bombardier Global 6000. So you don’t have to worry about needing to stop for fuel in order to complete your journey.

Approved Airports

There are a number of airports in the UK where you can fly into with your pets including, Manchester, London Biggin Hill, Stansted, Oxford, Blackpool, Blackpool, Doncaster and Liverpool to name a few. Remember that carriers can only use airports that they have been approved to use.

Non approved airport

You must not land at non- approved airports with pets. As your pet will not be permitted into UK and may have to go into quarantine. All approved carriers with pets onboard must land at authorised airports for pet entry.

Handling agents

Notify handling agent prior to flight 48 hours. Ensure all documents are not missing as it can mean a delay or even worse your pet will have to go into quarantine for up to 4 months.


On your arrival at the airport a check of all your documents will be done by the local pet agency, your pet will be looked at and have its microchip scanned. This process is completed within minutes, meaning that you can get away swiftly and without any further delay.


Flying into the UK is a strict process so make sure that all your information, documents are all up to date and correct. Working with a charter broker such as Falcona, who work closely with the pet agency at Manchester Airport on a regular basis, allows you to travel safe in the knowledge that you and your pet get the best treatment and advice.

So if you’re planning to travel with your pet on your next holiday, then get in touch with us today.