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The Best 9 Private Jets of 2016

Of all the private jets that Falcona charter, here are our favourite aircraft.

It’s not just about looks although that helps! We take into account what the feedback is from our clients as well as when we go to view the aircraft and the pilots give us a tour of their jet.

1. Global 6000

The Global 6000 aircraft truly excels in ensuring that you reach your destination rested, refreshed and ready for the day ahead. The cabin seats themselves are ergonomically crafted, with their substantial width, adjustable headrests, recliner-style leg-rests, and track and swivel capabilities—flexibility that allows you to comfortably berth and sleep seven during overnight flights.

  • At its ceiling of 51,000 feet, the Global 6000 maintains a cabin altitude of lower than 6,000 feet, a remarkable figure and one that helps assure passengers will arrive at their distant destination refreshed and ready to go.
  • For the 6000’s cabin, Bombardier designers created a sleek, elegant and clean design that is also smartly laid out and comfortable even for the long haul. The cabin itself is wide — Bombardier claims nearly a foot wider than the competition — and there are 27 feet of length for the compartment.
  • This allows a private stateroom in back that features a private lavatory with a shower, a remarkable touch that nearly every visitor remarks upon. There are three environmental zones, and the cabin is fully wired, with HD displays throughout, Blu-ray piped through the cabin, in-cabin networking and high-speed Internet. The aft stateroom adds a sense of calm with its large windows infusing the luxurious space with light. The stateroom full-berthing divan, spacious wardrobe, independent temperature control, and lavatory area unit offer you maximum comfort.
  • 100% fresh air is always available, and with an air management system which can faster regulate the cabin’s temperature, you will always feel refreshed. Additionally, optimized cabin pressurization provides a low altitude environment, helping you feel more energized.
  • The large fully-equipped galley, with its substantial storage capacity and extensive work surfaces elevates your comfort experience with its greater meal capabilities. The galley is intelligently set between the cockpit and main cabin areas, for further passenger privacy.
  • The Global 6000 aircraft was designed to help you get things done – from conducting a business meeting to getting a good night’s sleep. Work, rest or play – it’s easy with a Global 6000 business jet. With the fastest internet connectivity worldwide* based on Ka-band technology, travelling will never again stop you from video conferencing, live streaming or even on-line gaming.

The Global 6000 aircraft perfectly blends all aspects of performance. With a class leading combination of range, speed and reliability, you will arrive at your destination with time to spare.

2. Gulfstream G650

With a range of 7,000nm this private jet can fly you and friends non stop from London to Singapore or Buenos Aires. At a long-range cruise speed of Mach 0.85, the Gulfstream G650 flies 7,000 nautical miles/12,964 kilometers no-nstop with eight passengers. Los Angeles to London is more than 30 minutes faster and New York to Tokyo almost an hour closer compared to other large-cabin aircraft.

  • The G650 makes once-distant cities all part of a day’s work, and with the lowest pressurized cabin altitude of any business aircraft, passengers arrive feeling refreshed and ready for whatever opportunities lay ahead. What Gulfstream delivers in the G650 is a jet that flies at more than 92 percent of the speed of sound for thousands of miles with fly-by-wire precision.
  • That same design innovation created a quieter, roomier, more adaptable cabin teeming with advanced technology. It features a wide cabin interior and is equipped with industry leading in-flight Wi-Fi and satellite communications systems. The large windows and low cabin pressure enhance your comfort and reduce jet lag.
  • The G650 makes once-distant cities all part of a day’s work, and with the lowest pressurized cabin altitude of any business aircraft, passengers arrive feeling refreshed and ready for whatever opportunities lay ahead. The Gulfstream Cabin Management System incorporates touch-screen technology, allowing passengers to adjust lighting, window shades and entertainment from most hand-held Apple devices and select Google Android devices.
  • Sixteen large Gulfstream panoramic windows, allow abundant sunlight into the cabin, even in the galley. Every window has been repositioned higher on the fuselage to maximize viewing comfort.

The G650 interior is spacious, wide and comfortable, seats up to 16 passengers, and offers the option to convert the seats into flat beds (5 singles and 1 double). The g650 is truly the world’s best business jet.

3. Legacy 500

The Legacy 500 will be a mid size jet that seats up to 8 passengers, with a true stand up cabin. Capable of flying at 45,000ft and has a range of(3,450nm) a top cruising speed of 541 mph, flat floor and width of 6ft 10″ at its centreline. The Legacy 500 range will link city pairs such as Lagos to Paris, Moscow to Marrakesh and London to Dubai. It will be one of the fastest private jets in its class.

  • Embraer boasts the Legacy 500 fully fly by wire control system which is closely linked to the Dassault Falcon 7X nd the G650. According to Embraer, it took around a decade to develop and implement the technology. The Legacy 500 brings comfort, technology and performance that will enable you to have a premium flying experience.
  • The Legacy 500 at 6ft tall and 6ft 10 in wide, the cabin of the Legacy 500 is the largest in its class. With a fully equipped galley, excellent connectivity and in flight entertainment, and the finest attention to detail, relaxing in the cabin is effortless. Optimally placed windows, ergonomic seating and cabin technology, create total elegance in the cabin. In the cockpit, a side-stick control and fully fly by wire flight control system delivers the smoothest flight for passengers and pilots.
  • Landing at short fields is the Legacy 500’s speciality, with just (647 m) need to land safely, which is significantly less than it’s main competitors. This gives the aircraft an advantage meaning it can land at more airports, than others in its class.

The Legacy is spacious compared to the others in its class. Entertainment is the Honeywell Ovation Select Cabin Management System, which includes Wi-Fi connectivity.

4. Challenger 350

The Challenger 350 is the ultimate super mid size business jet. It can access more airports than any other in its class. With a cabin cross section nearly the same as a large cabin long range aircraft, it has one of the most spacious cabins in its category. It can fly you and up to eight of your employees and guests for 7 hours 15 minutes. If you feel tired during the flight it has 3 sleeping positions which your flight attendant will organise for you.

  • The Challenger 350 has a flight range of 5930km with 8 passengers, enough to reach Moscow and London from Dubai, fly coast to coast in the US, or reach Paris from New York. Inside the spacious cabin, the floor is flat , creating a true large cabin experience and the newly designed seats move around for optimum comfort. What’s more they recline into a fully flat position for comfortable sleeping.
  • Large windows to let in more natural light and reduce fatigue. The Challenger 350 is equipped with the LHT nice HD Cabin Management System. Wi-Fi, USB ports, and power sockets will ensure that you do business on the move. HD films can be streamed direct to tablet computers or onto the bulkhead screens from a large on-board storage that will be easily kept up to date, taking your in-flight entertainment to the next level.

110V Outlet, AirShow, Blu-Ray, CD player, DataPort, DVD player, Enclosed lavatory, Flight attendant available, Freon air conditioning, iPod Station, Leather seats, Microwave oven, Other phone, Partial galley, Pets allowed, Power outlet, Satellite phone, Smoking allowed, Vacuum toilet, Wi-Fi (Satellite based)

5. Citation Sovereign+

Leading the way in the mid-size private jet class is the Citation Sovereign+. With its advanced aerodynamics, exceptional short-field capability, superior fuel efficiency and high level of comfort, your next charter will be convenient and cost effect. It’s highly suited to longer distances (6 hour flight range) and offers you supreme performance within a deluxe and spacious environment.

  • Citation Sovereign+ is a niche aircraft that offers more cabin volume and longer range than most mid-size aircraft, but lacking the interior volume, speed and range of a super mid-size jet, such as Challenger 300/350, Hawker 4000,
  • The main seating area, between the cockpit divider to aft lavatory bulkhead, is about 19 ft. long. Thus, the cabin has the most volume of any Citation yet certified. So, it has ample room for double club seating, plus one or two side-facing chairs next to the forward, right side galley. It offers passengers so much cabin comfort and yet is able to fly so far from such short runways.

The Citation Sovereign+ aircraft offers more cabin volume, considerably better runway performance and 300 nm more range than the Hawker 800XP. It is equipped with a 100 cu. ft. aft, external baggage compartment offering twice the volume of the Hawker’s vestibule closet. Sovereign also could accommodate another 35 cu. ft. of luggage inside the cabin.

6. Phenom 300

The Phenom 300 exceeds the expectations of the light jet capabilities. The spacious interior, designed in collaboration with BMW provides passengers with a comfortable cabin with all the latest state of the art technology:

  • It is one of the fastest jets in the light jet category. The Phenom 300 has seats that can fully recline, swivel, plus slide forward and back. The Phenom 300 feels and flies like a larger aircraft, it has a commanding ramp presence with features such as an air-stair and a single point refuelling.
  • It has the largest baggage compartment in its class and cabin temperature controls located by your seat. A full galley for all your catering needs and a fully enclosed lavatory.
  • The Phenom 300 can take off from challenging airports at high elevations and hot temperatures. Excellent fuel consumption and a redefined aerodynamic design this jet will not let you down.

With a range of 2200 miles and speed of 520mph, the seven passenger Phenom 300 will allow you and your colleagues non-stop flights: This range will allow you to fly non-stop from Miami – Telluride or Los Angeles to Orlando. London to Morroco or London to Russia.

7. Challenger 850

Expansive and versatile, it provides the flexibility to deliver customized solutions for any corporate requirement. Non-stop service effortlessly sustains business as usual, but also enables incomparable relaxation in a cabin with virtually the same amount of space found on an ultra-long-range aircraft.

  • Secure in the knowledge that Challenger 850 aircraft engines are among the most tested and reliable in business aviation today, passengers can relax and enjoy a complete suite of in-flight entertainment capabilities or leverage state-of-the-art business communication technology.
  • An expansive interior. Efficiently productive. Prepare yourself for an aircraft that provides a new frame of reference by challenging the common wisdom that it’s best to stay grounded. It just feels right to soar above the competition.
  • The Challenger 850 jet delivers trans-continental ease with a non-stop range of 2,811 nautical miles (5,206 km). Its brisk, high-speed cruise of Mach 0.80 can handle the most time-sensitive schedules. Its tried-and-true airframe has been proven in over six million hours of steadfast commercial service.

With this jet’s rugged airliner engines, stringently designed safety systems and outstanding dispatch and performance reliability, you’ll see that the Challenger 850 aircraft is both a smart and exciting choice.

8. Citation Latitude

A brand new aircraft, spacious and has great range for a super mid size jet. It has one of the largest cross-sections in the mid-size category, a flat floor and a generous cabin width.

  • There is plenty of room to roam about and get comfortable on long flights. The large windows allow extra light in to create a bright and peaceful space where you can relax.
  • It’s a high performing aircraft, that can access short runways and high altitude airports with ease. The Citation Latitude can fly for up to seven hours, has a generous luggage compartment for large items such as golf bags and skis.
  • The Latitude’s seats are what seem to be the ideal blend of minimal and comfortable, with enough structure to be substantial while sleek enough to not overwhelm (or take up excessive space). They are also highly adjustable, allowing the passenger to slide out toward the aisle (not the alley), and they rotate and recline.
  • The Latitude has Clarity Wireless cabin connectivity system through which passengers can enjoy music or video and control lighting and temperature. With Clarity passengers can play music (or a selected movie’s soundtrack) through the cabin speakers.

9. Falcon 7X

From nose to tail, wingtip to wingtip, the Falcon 7X is pure elegance, efficiency, and performance. The Falcon 7X is designed to fly 5,950 nm (11,019 km), linking city pairs such as Paris-Tokyo, Shanghai-Seattle, New York-Jeddah, and Johannesburg-London, with a payload of eight passengers and three crew.

  • With a .90 Mach Maximum Operating Speed (MMO), the Falcon 7X can also cover shorter distances to get you faster where you need to be. When it comes to landing, slower is safer. At typical landing weight, the approach speed of the 7X is only 104 knots (193 km/h). It can land and stop in just 2,070 feet (630 m).
  • As a result, it can access hundreds of airports other jets cannot, including those with hot and high conditions, steep approaches and stringent noise restrictions. The 7X is the only aircraft in its class able to reach New York, from London City Airport. It has a range of approximately 10 hours.

Ultimate comfort is achieved through meticulous attention to detail within the cabin interior including acoustics and superior in flight technology.