Empty legs for June 2019

Hire a private jet one way at a lower cost than normal. A empty leg charter flight is the perfect way to access a private jet charter flight. f you have some flexibility in your search for private jet travel, then empty leg charters can be an efficient and very cost effective way of enjoying a private aircraft.

Please find some empty leg flights that might be suitable for your trip;

2nd June | Liverpool to Madrid | Falcon 900B | Prices from £14,200
3rd June | Southampton to Dinard | Citation Bravo | Prices from £3,700
4th June | Turin to Southend | Citation Bravo | Prices from £6,400
7th June | Luton to Edinburgh | Hawker 800XPi | Prices from £5,500
8th June | Bern to Bournemouth | Falcon 900B | Prices from £10,000
8th June | Luton to Bern | Falcon 900B | Prices from £10,000
9th June | Edinburgh to Luton | Hawker 800XPi | Prices from £5,500
9th June | Bergamo to Bournemouth | Falcon 900 | Prices from £12,400
10th June | Southend to Turin | Citation Bravo | Prices from £6,400
Please contact our charter team for any enquiries by emailing info@falconaprivatejets.com