CJ2 For Charter In Manchester

Falcona is pleased to announce that we have a Cessna Citation CJ2 available for charter from Manchester Airport.

Cessna Citation CJ2

Cessna have created in the Citation CJ2, a versatile business jet combining range, comfort and cost-effectiveness. Perfect for intra-continental trips for up to 6 passengers plus baggage.

It’s a stretched variant of the CJ1. The cabin is 35 inches longer with a 17 inch tail cone extension to allow for 6 passengers in the main cabin. The CJ2 has uprated Williams FJ44-2C engines, larger wing span, and more cabin windows than its predecessor.

Extremely fast climbs to cruise altitude and an exceptionally quiet cabin for an enjoyable flight. The aircraft is also equipped with a very large exterior baggage compartment and 110 volt outlets by the 6 passenger seats. A refreshment centre is available for snacks and drinks for your flight.

Baggage capacity is a strong suit for a jet of this size. There’s an easily accessible 50-cuft aft external baggage compartment, and another 20.4-cu.-ft. compartment in the nose and 4.0 cu. ft. of luggage storage in the lavatory area. We always recommend to bring soft sided suitcases or bags, as it’s easier to load and pack in the hold.

The CJ2 interiors typically have a centre four-seat club section just aft of the entry door, plus two forward facing chairs in the aft cabin. Many aircraft also have belted potty seats that accommodate a seventh passenger.

The aft lav is full width, but it’s enclosed with a privacy curtain rather than a hard door.Seats slide forward and back to create a more relaxed and spacious interior.

So whether you’re flying for a business trip to Milan or a family holiday in Mallorca you’ll be in for a comfortable ride.

Quick summary

  • 6 passengers seating configuration
  • Toilet
  • Leather interior
  • Galley facilities
  • Air conditioned and pressurised cabin for passenger comfort
  • Extremely generous luggage capacity
  • Range: 1400 nautical miles (2600km)



Falcona Private Jets is based at the only dedicated FBO jet centre with its own VIP private passenger terminal, which means that we’re able to ensure that everything with your flight runs smoothly as possible. It offers executive lounges, VIP business facilities and a luxury conference suite.

A team of dedicated aviation professionals is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There is secure customer parking and a dedicated ramp area in front of the Jet Centre, which gives immediate access for customers. A complete security suite is provided for handling all your customs and immigration screening requirements.

A normal aircraft load of 9 – 16 passengers will clear customs and immigration swiftly. Chauffeur services are also available to you.  We’re also ideally located for flights to and from Liverpool Airport, Chester Airport, Blackpool Airport and Leeds Airport.


Manchester Airport is operational 24/7.  It has two parallel runway approaches, both 10,000 ft. long. It is strategically situated in the heart of the North West of England, close to some of the country’s most significant business, sporting, retail and scenic locations.

Destinations From Manchester

The CJ2 has a range of approximately three hours and is perfect for short flights in the UK and around Europe. Here are some of the most popular destinations;

  • Paris
  • Geneva
  • Mallorca
  • Dublin
  • Milan
  • Barcelona
  • Nice/Cannes
  • Ibiza
  • Geneva
  • Berlin
  • Amsterdam

Quiet and comfortable, the Citation CJ2 is the perfect aircraft for your short to mid-range trips. You’ll arrive relaxed and ready for business or pleasure. Get in touch today.