Flights from Manchester to The Maldives

Hire a private jet from Manchester to The Maldives, whether you’re looking for a family friendly escape a romantic honeymoon or just to relax there’s a wonderland that awaits you in The Maldives.

Flying by private jet allows you the freedom to travel at a time that suits you and you also get to travel with people that you know and love. Minimise your contact from start to finish. When you choose private aviation, you save time by avoiding commercial airline terminals. That means no checking bags before your flight or waiting for them to be returned in one piece while you wait hopefully.

You can typically arrive at an FBO for your private flight about 20 minutes before your scheduled departure. If you arrive early, and the pilots are ready, you can often leave early. At the other end, you will likely be off airport grounds less than 10 minutes after you pull up to the terminal.


For direct flights to the Maldives we recommend ultra long range jets such as the Bombardier Global 6000, Gulfstream G550, Dassault Falcon 8X. These aircraft are unmatched for range, comfort and efficiency when travelling long distances.


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request. This estimated price is subject to availability, slots, traffic rights and schedule.