Your Private Jet Experience

‘It’s All About You’

From start to finish your private jet experience is built around you. Tailored seamless travel is what you want whether it’s a business trip or a family holiday. We provide aircraft that are of the highest quality and adhere to the highest standards in the aviation industry.

You can choose flight times to suit your travel needs. Faster travel means you arrive at your chosen destination quicker. Large leather seats for extra comfort during your flight.

Skip the lengthy security lines and check-ins. Airside pick up and drop offs. Fine dining. Access to more airports not available to commercial airlines.

These are just some of the benefits of flying private.


Your trip is based around you. Just tell us where you want to go, what time, dates, how many people are travelling, your catering preferences, pets and luggage.

Fly direct – 25,280 European City Pairs are directly connected with non stop service exclusively by business aviation.

To ensure you receive the best possible advice and aircraft solutions we recommend that you give us as much information as possible. Travelling by private jet is a seamless luxury travel experience, with fully licensed, qualified, and insured aircraft operators.

So whether you’re flying from Manchester to China or Paris to New York, Falcona is on hand to offer you a seamless and enjoyable flight.

Pre flight

Booking a flight can be a complex experience, however as you’re personal charter broker, we will make the process much quicker and easier. Our knowledge of aircraft and operators allows us to make a professional and impartial recommendation on your behalf.

Let us do all the hard work, whilst you sit back and relax.

On the day of your flight

Start your flight off right. You just need to arrive 20 minutes prior to departure time at the private jet terminal. There will be no long lines, queues or hundreds of other people in the private terminal.

When you arrive you will be met by a member of the handling agent team, who will escort you to the terminal lounge. You can bring friends or family with you to see you off, when travelling.

At the terminal

Our dedicate private jet terminals offer you a place to relax away from the busy commercial airports. After a personal welcome by the handling staff, you can chill out in the lounge.

Average waiting time is 10 minutes

You can read the complimentary papers and magazines, check emails or watch the television whilst you wait. You will also get the opportunity to meet your pilot prior to being escorted to your aircraft.


Once check-in queues have been overcome and bags have been checked in, there is the “security” process to navigate. Security processes change, regularly, for what seem to be arbitrary and pointless reasons.

You will breeze through security. All passengers  are required to send in full passport details, in order to be pre-cleared before departure. On arrival your passport details will be checked by the ground handling staff. Don’t forget your passport!

Bags will be checked and screened, in a designated area, for flights on aircraft over 10 tonnes. On smaller aircraft such as the Learjet 75 and Citation XLS, you will skip this process. We make sure that all your bags are on before this.

All aboard

Soon as your aircraft is ready, you can board the aircraft. You will be escorted to your aircraft, by a member of the ground handling staff, Falcona and the first office for your flight.

At some airports it’s possible to have airside access, so that you can arrive and drive straight to your aircraft.

During the flight

Your in flight experience is like no other, with a spacious stand up cabin, you’re free to move around and feel comfortable at all times. There’s no need to worry about where to sit, the plane is all yours. We recommend the window seats!

Fine dining is available on all larger aircraft such as the Global 6000 or Gulfstream G650, sit back, relax in your seat as you sip on your favourite champagne or wine, whilst enjoying your favourite meal 45,000ft in the air.

If you’re travelling to a business meeting, then it’s business as usual during your flight. Wi-fi is onboard most aircraft or let us know. So you can check emails or stream videos for work productivity. Maximise your flight time.

Your Arrival

On landing at your destination, you will be met by the ground handling staff and escorted to the private jet terminal.

Your bags will be unloaded straight away and taken to your car or chauffeur vehicle, so that you can depart straight away.

20% of business flights result in more than 5 hours of time saved compared to their best commercial alternative.

Air travel is now defined by ensuring seamless travel, tailored and personalised for each and every passenger; a seamless experience from door to door.


We can arrange for a chauffeur vehicle to be waiting for you on your arrival, who will then take you to your final destination.

This is why tailoring of experience is essential and private flights are on the rise. There is no one-size-fits all approach possible. Every flight we perform is different and is all about you.

Seamless experience is personalisation for the individual. You.