What Is A Private Jet Charter Broker?

A private jet charter broker is a company that will source aircraft for you from a pool of fully licensed private jet operators. They act as a middleman between you the client and the operators of aircraft. A charter broker generally does not own or operate aircraft.

A charter broker has no ties to a particular operator and are independent. A good charter broker will hep you make an informed and safe decision before you book a flight.

Using a charter broker is similar to hiring a car. The client does not have ownership; you just use the aircraft on a pay-as-you-go basis.



A private jet broker is like your very own personal travel agent. They match your needs to the best available aircraft for your journey. We all know that booking a private jet can be very difficult and time consuming especially for people who haven’t much knowledge about the private jet industry.

But you can book a private jet at the best price with the help of a private jet broker, so you can save your time and hassle.

However, it is always wise to choose a good private jet broker. One who doesn’t just try and find the cheapest available aircraft.


A good broker will have intimate knowledge of aircraft and charter regulations, therefore giving you the best advice for each flight.


They’ll also have detailed knowledge of the performance characteristics of each type of jet, and can function as a consultant who will help with identification of just the right aircraft to fit one’s mission requirements.


Will all the luggage fit into the hold of a small aircraft such as a Hawker 400XP?

We often see passengers having to unload bags in order to fit them onto the aircraft, or even worse having to leave some things behind, because the broker either doesn’t know that the aircraft has a small hold or never told the client.

Will the aircraft need a fuel stop?

This is generally applicable to smaller aircraft. We feel that clients should know whether there is a possibility of a fuel stop. For instance we had a client wanting to fly from Manchester to Mallorca on a Beechjet 400a with six passengers.

However we told them that there is a chance depending on the weather a fuel stop may be required. They had previously flown on a CJ2 which is a direct flight. We had to explain that different aircraft have have different capabilities.

Operating Costs

A good grasp of operating charter costs is also important, since they vary depending upon aircraft type and age, and will typically be between £2,000- £10,000 per flight hour.

A careful analysis of anticipated missions will drive selection of the aircraft type;  do you need an aircraft with trans-Atlantic capability, such as a Gulfstream G550?  One with excellent short runway capability, such as a Dassault Falcon 7X?

Lots of factors come into play into the selection of an aircraft for your flight – a good charter broker is knowledgeable and will help you narrow the field.



A good charter broker will find the perfect charter for you in minutes. They generally have access to real-time on-line database of available charter enabling them to find and compare the best flight options for you. 


Find the right aircraft every time 

Need a WiFi enabled aircraft for business flight? Dog friendly jet that you can fly with your cat or dog? We can search for aircraft models and amenities that meet your needs.

Maximise value for you

Find all the information you need to select the right aircraft or empty leg at the best price for your client.

Specify your needs

Prefer to fly on an aircraft with a stand-up cabin? We can search by aircraft category or a specific model. Filter to exclude owner approved aircraft, or fuel stops required.



This is what can separate an average charter broker to a good charter broker. With most charter broker companies, the in-flight experience is unfortunately actually rather ordinary.

You deserve more, a unique and amazing experience built around you. The right pilots and cabin attendants can make all the difference, to your flight.

If you’re travelling on a light or mid-size jet aircraft where there is not a flight attendant, your pilots will be the ones looking after your needs and they should be selected and trained to provide skilled, attentive customer service.

However if you’re travelling on a super mid-size or large-cabin aircraft the flight attendant is key to a superb in-flight experience.

Private Jet Charter at Manchester Airport - Falcona Private Jets

A good company will train and source the best flight attendants. They get to know you—asking questions about you, your family, and your flight. Are you travelling for business, a celebration, or a family holiday? They will customise the experience to your tastes and the purpose of your trip.


This should be the starting point of all charter brokers process. Look for charter brokers who source the best operators, who have been evaluated by an independent auditing agency, such as Wyvern or ARG/US.

This is to verify that the aircraft that they manage are operated under the most stringent aviation measures.

Regardless of aircraft size or model they are passengers on, the aircraft and its crew are trained and operated by the industries best and most qualified flight crews.

There are a lot of charter brokers now flooding the market, which is an unregulated industry. So make sure you do your due diligence before booking a private jet flight with a charter broker. They’re not all created equally.