What Are Empty Leg Flights?

Are you looking to charter a private jet for your next trip but only one way? Then a private jet ’empty leg’ flight may be for you.

Empty Legs 

An empty leg is a private jet flying without passengers. This happens when an aircraft drops off passengers at their destination and returns home “empty”, or when it flies “empty” to pick up passengers at another airport. Taking advantage of an empty flight can enable you to make significant savings over standard charter prices.

There are lots of empty legs available at significantly reduced rates of a normal private jet charter. If you need to travel in the same general direction as our empty leg flights we will endeavour to reschedule our flight to meet your exact requirements.

If you’re flexible about dates and times, and ready to grab a great last minute deal then an empty leg flight is for you. Private jet charter flights are often one-way, so aircraft can spend a lot of flying time without passengers.

During the summer months there are a lot of aircraft flying empty as this is the busiest period for aircraft charter flights in Europe. So whether you’re planning a trip with the family to Mallorca, a sight seeing trip to Rome or heading off to the party capital of Europe, Ibiza then we may have an empty leg available for you.

Why charter an empty leg flight?

Private jet charter allows you to depart from the closest airport to where you live, it saves you time and offers complete flexibility in terms of departure time.

Private jets can also use smaller, airports that cannot be accessed by commercial airlines. You arrive closer to your chosen destination.

Rather than endless queuing in security, arrive 15 minutes before your departure time, clear private security screening and wait in an exclusive lounge in a private jet terminal.


How does it work?

When you charter an ’empty leg’ flight you charter the whole aircraft, so whether there is one person travelling or six people travelling the price is the same cost for the whole aircraft and not as some companies say per seat/person.

Please note these flights are quoted using an empty sector/temporary base or linked flight from a previously booked charter.

Should the principle charter cancel or change prior to departure the price will be recalculated and advised, the client will then have the option to cancel their charter and receive full refund or accept the new costs.

Although we don’t have an Empty Leg list, you can still send us your request with your departure airport, number of people travelling and date of travel.

We can then search our Empty Leg database for you in order to locate a flight that will be suitable.

Latest Flights;

Sat 28 Jul 2018 Biggin Hill Manchester Learjet 75 £ 3,000
Sat 28 Jul 2018 Faro Algarve Rotterdam Learjet 75 £ 9,000
Thu 02 Aug 2018 Rotterdam Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £ 3,000
Sun 12 Aug 2018 Ibiza Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £ 7,500
Tue 14 Aug 2018 Rotterdam Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £ 3,000
Fri 17 Aug 2018 Biggin Hill Rotterdam Learjet 75 £ 3,000
Mon 20 Aug 2018 Rotterdam Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £ 3,000
Thu 23 Aug 2018 Biggin Hill Rotterdam Learjet 75 £ 3,000
Mon 27 Aug 2018 Biggin Hill Faro Learjet 75 £ 3,250
Mon 27 Aug 2018 East Midlands Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £ 2,500
Mon 27 Aug 2018 Rotterdam Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £ 3,000
Sun 23 Sep 2018 Zurich Ibiza Learjet 75 £ 6,250
Wed 26 Sep 2018 Stansted Zurich Learjet 75 £ 5,000
Sun 21 Oct 2018 Biggin Hill Leeds, Bradford Learjet 75 £ 3,000
Wed 24 Oct 2018 Leeds, Bradford Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £ 3,000
Fri 28 Dec 2018 Annecy, France Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £ 5,000


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