Top 6 benefits of flying by private jet

When you decide to charter a private jet whether it’s for business or pleasure, you will always try to justify why you should take a private jet rather than a commercial flight. The major stumbling block of those wishing to fly private is the price of the flight.

Here we take a quick look at the top 6 reasons why you should fly by private jet for your next trip;

Significant time savings

You do not have to arrive 2-3 hours before your flight departs. You can arrive just 30 minutes prior to departure.

You do not have to hang around the carousel for your luggage,  a handling agent staff will unload and take your luggage directly to your car.

There’s no need for you to wait around the terminal to check in, avoiding the quesues as you are pre cleared prior to your flight.



Boost your employees productivity and well-being. Your employees will not need to hang around the terminal airport for hours, risk lengthy delays, missed connections or last minute cancellations. They can turn up just 30 minutes prior to departure.

Your employees can work in a more efficient and constructive manner in a private environment at all times. A less stressed employee will also be more productive, with a better work/life balance the main target.

You can access multiple locations in one day and return, so there’s no need for lengthy stays in hotels.


Customised schedule

This is one of the main differences between travelling on a commercial aircraft and flying private. You can travel at a time that suits your travel needs.

If you need to depart at 7am for a meeting in Paris then hop down to Cannes for a late lunch a few hours later then return back home, this is possible with a private flight.

Want to leave at 11pm for an transatlantic flight to Los Angeles then the choice is yours. Flying private is all about being flexible and convenient whilst working around your schedule.


Space to work and in-flight technology

Work en route to meetings with modern aircraft fitted with the latest in-flight technology onboard your jet. You will find aboard your aircraft, fast internet connectivity so travelling will never again stop you from video conferencing, live streaming. You’re always connected.

You will be as productive in-flight as in the office and free to enjoy their favourite entertainment seamlessly. You can pair up your favourite mobile device (iOS and Android) with ease and place it on the universal tablet holder to seamlessly control the cabin experience from your seat.



With a private jet flight you can access thousands more airports than a scheduled flight. You have more choice with airports closer to your destination.

For example Cannes is a popular private jet destination for leisure travellers, this airport is a dedicated private jet airport, allowing you to fly directly to the South Of France.

Travelling to the slopes with the family is a popular pastime with private jet travellers, a private jet can fly you right to your favourite ski resort.

For example you can fly into, Sion, Chambery, Grenoble, Courchevel and Samedan, which are all close to the top ski resorts in Europe.


Travel with pets

Unknown to many, those who have pets have the ability to fly on a private jet with your beloved pets. You can travel with your pet in the cabin, where it’s a lot more comfortable and less frightening for your pet.

Pets are part of the family and you wouldn’t want to leave them behind – especially when you go on holiday. Travelling with your pet in the cabin instead of the hold means that the journey is a stress free affair for you and your pet.

You will receive all relevant information prior to your flight, ensuring that all runs smoothly. We have access to all the pet friendly aircraft around Europe and work with operators in order to make sure your flight is a smooth experience.


With all these benefits of travelling by private jet, it makes perfect sense to charter a private jet for your next trip.