Quick guide to private jet hire

When chartering a private jet with a charter broker, such as Falcona you have someone who will review the private jets available to you based on your personal requirements.

We will save you time by telling you which operators are available for your charter flight. We also speed up the process by dealing with most of the paperwork.

Using a charter broker can save you a lot of time and stress, as we will handle everything from searching for a jet to to making the contract and communicating with the operator on your behalf.

Our expert knowledge of the private jet market built up over 10 years, we will be able to recommend private jets that will suit your travel needs.

With our access to the biggest private jet marketplace database it allows us to search for private jets much faster and more thoroughly than you could yourself.

A good broker will know which operators have good availability, even with last minute flights.

Unfortunately sometimes aircraft have technical issues and knowing which operators will help you find a replacement aircraft for your flight to minimise disruption is also another key issue that we look at prior to booking your charter flight.



Whether you have a specific destination in mind or are looking to be inspired, our specialist charter brokers can guide and advise you with this important first step in planning your private jet experience.


From budget and type of aircraft to number of people travelling and on- board facilities, understanding your requirements is key to creating your perfect flight.


Our mission is to deliver you the ultimate private jet charter experience and matching you with the ideal aircraft for your flight.

We will take into account factors such as the aircraft type, travel experience, cabin size, onboard amenities, luggage space, fuel stops, to identify a shortlist of private jets for your flight.


Once you have decided that you wish to proceed with booking the charter and have selected the dates you would like to travel, you will be issued with a contract. We will be on hand throughout the entire booking process to answer any questions that you may have.


A private jet charter provides the ultimate personalised travel experience. As your dedicated charter broker we will work with you to plan every aspect of your travel itinerary, from where you depart to catering, and transfers.


Your Captain and highly trained crew will be fully briefed on your preferences and needs so that, no matter what time you want to sleep, eat or play, your needs will be pre-empted. Every detail will be taken care of to ensure you and your guests the ultimate charter experience.

If you wish to travel with your pet, please ensure you have advised us so that we can find you a suitably pet-friendly aircraft.

If possible, pack in soft luggage bags or check in advance how many cases can be sorted in the hold, as space for large, hard cases can be limited.

In most cases, smoking is not permitted inside the aircraft for safety reasons. While many private jets operate a policy of no smoking, there are some aircraft that allow smoking onboard. There may also be additional costs for this, which we would check beforehand.

More so than ever when you are new to chartering, having a trusted and knowledgeable charter broker on hand to guide you through the process is extremely valuable. Working on a daily basis at a private jet terminal we get to see first hand, how things work in the industry.

Founded in 2012, our mission continues to be making aircraft charter more transparent, faster and easier than ever before to ensure your flight exceeds your expectations.


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request. This estimated price is subject to availability, slots, traffic rights and schedule.