Should I shop around when booking a private jet flight?

Booking a private jet can be a time consuming and complicated process, which is why using a reputable charter broker can help you speed up the process. Customers want more transparency and trust in the private jet charter market, so an increasing number of aircraft operators, are pricing flights at the right market value from the outset.

Understandably, you just want to fly. What’s more, sending charter requests to several charter brokers makes the process longer.

Some charter brokers can give you a price within the hour and others 4-5 hours. This not only drags out the process but also deciding on the right aircraft becomes more difficult. You need to check the age of the aircraft, will it be suitable for the number of people, does it have a flight attendant, is there enough luggage space etc.

With all these questions being asked you prolong what should be a straight forward process. The private jet charter market is evolving, and the days of having to negotiate a private jet flight are numbered. Before you spend £50,000 to £1 million buying a jet card, we can help you avoid the hassle with our pay as you fly method.

No large upfront payments, initiation fees, membership fees so you aren’t tied into a deal that won’t suit your travel needs. Every charter broker varies in how much they charge with the industry standard 7.5% – 10% 

Aircraft types and hourly rates to sourcing standards for the aircraft and qualifications of the pilots who fly you are different. We charter modern aircraft with operators that have the best safety records, highest safety awards and the best pilots. 

One charter broker may offer you an aircraft type that’s the same type as what we would offer however just because they’re the same type there could be differences.

Embraer Legacy 500 interior

Here are two Embraer Legacy 500 aircraft for charter. As you can see the configuration is different, amenities will not be the same and also the hourly rate.

Embraer Legacy 500 interior

There’s no point saving on chartering an older aircraft and finding that the private jet experience isn’t what you hoped it would be. 

If you do need to negotiate, be firm, but before you start, pick a maximum price you’re prepared to pay for your flight – and a minimum price and don’t deviate from them. There’s minimal movement for charter prices and we will always get the best available price for your flight. 

We do recommend that you shop around, but use a couple of companies at the most. Not only will it save you time but it will be less hassle in the long run. Our clients stay with us as they know that we offer the personal touch with each flight and not just a number.

Be warned if the price you’re offered is too good to be true, then steer clear!

Please note: Any additional operational charges that we may incur to operate this quoted schedule, ie Out of Hours (OOHs) and airfield Extensions, Fire Cover Upgrade and AIRCRAFT DE-ICING are not included in this quotation price. This estimated price is subject to availability, slots, traffic rights and schedule.