Where we fly?

When you charter a private jet, you can fly anywhere in the world. Private jets have access to many more airports than commercial airlines. In Europe there are over 1,200 airports to choose from and in North America you have over 4,000 airports available for private jets.

Flying by private jet allows you to get closer to your final destination. One of the many benefits of private jet charter is the ability to fly to airports, closer to your chosen destination. There’s no need for connecting flights, missed connections, delays or last minute cancellations.


  1. Geneva
  2. Paris
  3. Milan
  4. London
  5. Faro
  6. Malaga
  7. Nice
  8. Cannes
  9. Amsterdam
  10. Dublin

Bombardier Challenger 850 interior leather seats and champagne

For travel around Europe we recommend aircraft such as the Embraer Legacy 500, that seats up to nine people, the Bombardier Challenger 850 heavy jet that seats up to sixteen people and the Bombardier Global 5000 that seats fourteen people.


  1. Los Angeles
  2. New York
  3. San Francisco
  4. Las Vegas
  5. Miami
  6. Chicago
  7. Orlando
  8. Washington
  9. Boston
  10. Atlanta

Bombardier Global 6000 leather seats interior

We recommend a large cabin for these trans-atlantic flights such as a Gulfstream G650, Bombardier Global 6000 or a Dassault Falcon 7X. These aircraft can fly direct from the UK to America.


  1. Shanghai
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Beijing
  4. Mumbai
  5. Delhi


We recommend ultra long range aircraft, for these flights from the UK. Flight time is approximately 12 hours from the UK.

Take your pick from aircraft such as the Gulfstream G650ER, Bombardier Global 6000 and the Dassault Faclon 8X which are all capable of direct flights.

Top 5 Caribbean destinations

  1. Barbados
  2. Jamaica
  3. St Maarten
  4. Antigua
  5. St Lucia


Flights to the Caribbean from the UK and takes approximately 8 hours. We recommend aircraft from the heavy jet and long range aircraft such as the Gulfstream G450, Dassault Falcon 900 and the Bombardier Global 5000.


  1. Johannesburg
  2. Lagos
  3. Nigeria
  4. Kenya
  5. Tanzania

For flights to Africa we recommend a mixture of aircraft from the UK. The Bombardier Global 6000 is ideal for flights from the UK to Johannesburg, whilst the Bombardier Global 5000 would be perfect for a direct flight to Nigeria.


With so many options of aircraft and destinations, a private jet charter flight is ideal for your next flight whether it’s for business or pleasure.


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request.

Any additional operational charges that we may incur to operate this quoted schedule, ie Out of Hours (OOHs) and airfield Extensions, Fire Cover Upgrade and AIRCRAFT DE-ICING are not included in this quotation price. This estimated price is subject to availability, slots, traffic rights and schedule.