Winter in Barbados

Beautiful beaches

Charter a private jet with Falcona to the gorgeous Caribbean island of Barbados. Whether it’s a warm winter trip or visiting your home, we can arrange your luxury flight on the perfect aircraft to get you there in style.

Encounter the delighted activities & treasures of the sea or unearth the wonders of the land. Plan your trip to Barbados with Falcona and discover the Caribbean gems. Endless sunshine, rum and sugar-white beaches might catch the eye, but it is the food, parties and wildlife that make Barbados one of the most impressive destinations in the Caribbean.

Which Aircraft?

Falcon 7X is a ultra long range aircraft capable of flying up to 11 hours non stop. The Falcon 7X is the first business jet with a digital flight control system. Launched in 2001, the 5,950 nm Dassault Falcon 7X features has an advanced brand new wing design which offers a dramatic increase in lift-to-drag ratio.

The aircraft has an MMO of Mach 0.90, allowing quicker climbs and descents, as well as low-level dashes on short legs. It is powered by three Pratt & Whitney Canada 307A engines, rated at 6,400 lb thrust each.



This high, wide, handsomely proportioned executive suite features three spacious lounge areas, 28 large windows, and acoustics technology that limits noise for a restful, more productive travel experience.Beyond the peaceful hush, abundant natural light and spectacular views, the 7X cabin offers a breakthrough environmental system. 

At an altitude of 41,000 ft, passengers enjoy a comfortable cabin pressure of 3,950 ft. Climate controls keep temperature constant, within one degree. Air is humidified and refreshed.

This is a cabin that enhances your well-being throughout a long flight — as well as your readiness for the long, challenging day that lies ahead upon arrival.


Designed for lengthy missions, the 7X is your home away from home — especially when equipped with options such as a second lavatory or an on-board shower to ensure you arrive refreshed and at your best.

Private Jet Airport

Grantley Adams International

Grantley Adams International currently has five ground handling companies at Grantley Adams International Airport.

Anyone flying by private jet will access the lounge by going directly to the IAM Jet Centre private jet terminal which saves you from queueing at the main terminal. The security check at the private jet terminal is a lot more relaxed than in the main terminal.