Winter Ski Flights 2018

‘Head to the slopes this winter in style’

Ski season is upon us ladies and gentlemen, so it’s time to charter a private jet to your favourite ski destination this winter. Our clients love the winter getaway to the slopes and there’s no better or quicker way to get there than by private jet.

With commercial air travel, travellers also the risk of delay due to cancellations, overbooking, missed connections, bad customer service and lost or delayed luggage.

More time on the snow

When you are heading to the mountains, time on the slopes is what counts. Family trips are often limited by school holidays and time off from work or business, and a private jet flight allows you to maximise that precious time.

Compared to a scheduled flight journey which requires passengers to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight, a private jet charter flight means turning up just 20 minutes prior to departure.

There are no long check-ins or security checks to endure and on some flights it’s even possible to turn up and step aboard your aircraft straight away.

With a private jet flight, transfer times are invariably shorter. With smaller aircraft you have the option of landing at a local airport such as Chambéry, with a far shorter transfer time.

Greater Flexibility

With a private jet charter you are in charge of the time that you want to fly, not the airlines. This lets you plan your travel around your needs so there’s no need to get up at the crack of dawn with the children or have to hang around the hotel for an extra few hours after checking out.


Relax in your own private, personal space

When you fly private the whole aircraft is yours whether it’s one person flying or there’s a group of you. You can sit where you want and enjoy conversations in private.

Your luggage comes with you and stays with you on a privately chartered jet. So no more worries over missing skis, snowboards, boots or suitcases.

As a family or group, the aircraft is all yours so you can relax without the worry of other passengers intruding. In general private jet terminals are separate from the main hub airport, allowing you to arrive in private as well.


When you charter a private jet, you pay for the whole aircraft regardless of how many people are travelling. If you fill all the seats on the aircraft, the cost per person of your flight makes it similar to flying first class. The majority of people who travel by private jet do this in order to save time and avoid the stress of commercial travel.

Embraer Leagcy 650 private jet interior

Flying with children

Chartering a private jet affords you stress-free ski travel for your children, meaning it’s a low-stress option for you as well. You can bring your own entertainment to keep the kids occupied during the flight and they can connect to wi-fi to enjoy playing games on their iPad, listen to music or play games.

The long queues through security checks in the main terminal buildings are close to unbearable when you have younger children in your party. Once aboard, you can properly relax, without the worry of tired, bored or restless children.

You can bypass the hassle and stress of commercial travel.  The time saved and the superior travel experience means that your travel experience will be a good one.

Popular European ski destinations

St Moritz, Val d’Isere, Courchevel, Verbier, Zermatt and St Anton.

Popular private jet airports

Chambery, is the closest airport to Val d’Isere (1 hour 55 minutes drive), Courchevel ( 2 hours drive)

Sion, is the closest airport to Verbier (1 hour drive), Zermatt (1 hour 30 minutes)

Zurich, closest airport to St Moritz (2 hours 45 minutes drive)

Innsbruck, closest airport to St Anton (55 minutes drive)

For a hassle free transfer many of our clients choose to hire a helicopter to their chosen resort, saving them time.

A typical helicopter transfer from the airport to the ski resort is 2o minutes.


We have received numerous enquiries for flights to ski destinations for the winter season and February half-term already. For one of our regular clients, they have enquired about a flight from Manchester to Chambery for a week on the slopes.

There will be four passengers, with 4 suitcases and 4 carry on hand luggage, no ski equipment and they have specified that they would prefer a super mid-size aircraft, such as a Embraer Legacy 500 for their flight.

For a week return flight on this type of super mid-size aircraft, approximate price is £32,000

Why book early?

The further ahead that you book your aircraft, the better chance you have of obtaining your airport slot, choice of more aircraft, otherwise if you leave it to the last minute, you may struggle to get the time you would like to fly.

The aircraft may not be able to park at the airport due to it being busy and it will have to then reposition to another airport which will add to the cost of your charter flight. Book early.