Monaco Grand Prix 2020

Hire a private jet to the Monaco Grand Prix, 2020. Experience the excitement of the world’s most prestigious Formula 1 event – the Monaco Grand Prix. This is the Grand Prix that every F1 racing driver wants to win, as the course winds its way through the streets of glamorous Monte Carlo. 


The first GP was held there in 1929 and it was included in the calendar of the inaugural Formula One World Championship in 1950. The principality has hosted a round every year since 1955 and the 2019 race will be its sixty-sixth edition since the inception of the series.

Despite the challenging working conditions for the teams, and the unforgiving nature of the track for drivers and cars alike, the Monaco Grand Prix is seen as a Jewel in the Crown of the Formula One World Championship.

 aerial view on fontvieille and monaco harbor with luxury yachts, french riviera

The circuit twists and turns through the narrow streets of Monte Carlo and along the harbour front. The track layout has not changed essentially since 1929, but in 1973 the new “Piscine” section was added around the seafront swimming-pool, and three chicanes have been added over the years.

Because of its demanding nature, Monaco usually produces memorable races which showcase driver skill. Monaco has seen many great unexpected victories – Stirling Moss in a privateer Lotus beating the works Ferraris in 1961, for example.

Set within 200 hectares, making it the world`s second smallest country by area after Vatican City, Monaco is a a destination like no other with glitz and glamour at every turn. Enhance your visit by trying your luck at the iconic Monte-Carlo Casino or unwinding on one of the beautiful public beaches on the French Riviera.


Join us in this electric atmosphere along with the long list of rich and famous which attend this event every year for the Monaco Grand Prix 2020!

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