UK domestic charter flights

If you’re looking to hire a private jet for a domestic flight in the UK, the rules have changed since Brexit. UK domestic charter flights are generally short flights and in the past could be conducted by foreign registered aircraft.

However since Brexit only UK registered aircraft operators and private owner aircraft can fly domestic routes. So for example a charter flight from Manchester to London Biggin Hill would need to be performed on a G register aircraft.

It also means that European private jet operators are no longer able to perform domestic UK flights, such as London Biggin Hill to Leeds, Farnborough to Glagsow or Blackpool to Southampton.

The same applies to UK-operators who can’t perform anymore domestic European country flights. For example, a UK operator is no longer allowed to perform a Paris to Madrid or Berlin to Faro.  

As a charter broker, fortunately Falcona has access to aircraft all over Europe and we do not operate aircraft giving us more flexibility in finding a suitable aircraft for your journey.  

This new rule has severely limited the options of aircraft available to conduct these type of flights. The knock on effect is that prices are higher than normal for domestic UK charter flights. 

However the speed in which you can travel across the UK means that it’s the best way to travel. Avoiding the stress of delays and cancellations associated with commercial airlines. 


Typical times for UK domestic routes (hrs)

Manchester – Edinburgh 1:00

Farnborough – Norwich 0:40

Newquay – Farnborough 0:43 

Liverpool – Biggin Hill 0:43

Newcastle – London 0:56


Please note: Prices shown here are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request. This estimated price is subject to availability, slots, traffic rights and schedule.