Tier 3 travel restrictions in the UK

Can you hire a private jet and fly abroad for your holiday if you’re in Tier 3. While the UK Government is advising against travel outside of a local covid alert level: very high area, you are still allowed to travel abroad.

There’s good news though because in the latest government travel announcement, several countries and islands have been added back onto the corridor list.

These are: The Canary Islands, Mykonos, the Maldives, Denmark.

From 4am Sunday (October 25), passengers arriving to the UK from these destinations will no longer need to self-isolate – so long as they haven’t been in or transited through any other non-exempt countries in the 14 days preceding their arrival.

Anyone planning to travel abroad should check the situation in their destination country and what restrictions they will be subject to, as well as Foreign Office travel advice and the current travel corridor list.

Restrictions being rolled out across England mean that from this weekend more than half the country will be living in areas from where travel is restricted. It will mean some holidays, particularly half-term holidays can’t go ahead.

In England the government has introduced a three-tiered system, with those living in Tier 3 areas – which are considered “very high risk” – facing the toughest restrictions. Whether your holiday can go ahead will depend both on the area where you live and where you are travelling to.

Tier 3 restrictions in England Government guidance is clear that people in Tier 3, which includes the Liverpool City Region, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Warrington, South Yorkshire and Sheffield, should not travel to other parts of the UK or stay overnight outside their area.

Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom - August 9, 2016: View of St Michael's Mount in Cornwall at sunset

If you have a UK holiday booked, you should ask for postponement or if that doesn’t suit, reschedule your flight. This is always subject to the aircraft being available on the new dates. So you need to be flexible in order for all parties to agree.

The government guidance is unclear when it comes to overseas holidays. You’re still allowed to travel through Tier 3 areas to reach airports, ports and railway stations, which can remain open.

But given the advice is not to leave your area, that would seem to include overseas travel. Unfortunately because the guidance is unclear and isn’t in law, private jet operators can still operate flights and it may prove difficult to get a refund. We have chosen operators that are flexible with rescheduling your flights to suit your travel needs.

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Tier 2 restrictions in England – People living in “high risk” Tier 2 locations are allowed to go on holiday outside their area, but only with people in their household or support bubble.

If you’ve booked a holiday in the UK with people you don’t normally live with, you can still reschedule your holiday to a new date. There are no restrictions on travelling abroad, except that you should only travel with people in your household or support bubble.

Although the FCDO now warns against travel to most destinations. If you travel to a destination with an FCDO warning it’s likely that your travel insurance will be invalidated.

Travel procedures 

We have full COVID-19 protection plan in place for the aircraft . The aircraft will be extensively deep cleaned and sanitised prior to every flight.  The cleaning product is used both in and on the outside of the aircraft; including doors, hand railing, galley etc.

The aircraft is then sealed with stickers at the entry points ensuring the aircraft has not been contaminated since. Whilst we are doing our very best to keep our service as normal as possible the passengers should expect some changes: PPE is available for passengers on board the aircraft, together with additional sanitisers for use throughout the flight.

We are recommending that passenger wear facemasks for further protection through the airports and on board the flight. Whilst we do encourage the wearing of facemasks for everyone’s safety, the passengers can make their own decision whilst on board.

However, we would certainly ask that should a passenger approach the crew they wear their masks. Pilots also have additional guidelines.

These guidelines include self-distancing as much as possible: at airports, with suppliers and passengers, this extends to no hand shaking.

Pilots also have their own PPE and a full cleaning kit available – should they need to re-sanitise the aircraft at any point, full training has been given for this. Our pilots will not return to the cabin throughout the flights, unless absolutely necessary.

However, they will of course go through everything prior to departure, so passengers know where to find things. We will not be supplying newspapers or magazines on board – to eliminate the possible transmission of the disease.

Passengers are more than welcome to bring their own catering as stock is reduced on board; however, we will still have a smaller controlled selection of drinks and snacks on board. This stock will be sanitised or rotated with new sanitised stock between sets of passengers

We are continuing to take catering in most airports, where we can sanitise the packaging with our on board sanitiser, also cutlery and crockery will be replaced with disposable items, as we cannot guarantee the level of cleaning when away from home base.

We have long-standing relationships with private jet operators around Europe and we’ll work closely with them to give you the safety and flexibility you expect from us.


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request. This estimated price is subject to availability, slots, traffic rights and schedule.