Discover the Cessna Citation CJ2

Hire the Cessna Citation CJ2 private jet for your next business trip or family holiday. It’s a small business jet for up to 7 passengers.

The Citation CJ2 is one of the finest ‘light’ private jets available for air charter. It seats up to seven  passengers and has a range of 1,511 nautical miles. Subject to passenger loads. 

The CJ2 is a highly evolved private plane which is a favorite with both business and leisure travellers.


The cabin of the Citation CJ2 is designed in such a manner that the seating can be adjusted to accommodate the number of passengers travelling in the private jet charter.

There are four luxury seats in club configuration and two similar seats in the rear. The seats can slide forward and rearward to make the required space available.

There is a toilet at the rear of the private plane and a galley behind the crew compartment. The Citation CJ2 also has generous luggage capacity, with facilities for storage at the rear of the private jet, in the cabin itself and in two nose lockers, making for a total of 74 cubic feet.

The CJ2 is one of the most comfortable private jet rental aircraft to fly in because of the sophisticated cabin pressurization system that is a standard feature in this aircraft.

Sea-level cabin pressure is maintained up to a height of 23,586 feet, making the flight a safe and pleasant experience for passengers.

Two Williams Rolls-Royce FJ44-2C turbofans power the Citation CJ2, resulting in the aircraft having 20% more power than its predecessor, the CJ1.

These advanced engines have thrust attenuators which close hydraulically to minimise residual thrust at the time of landing.

This gives the CJ2 the capability to land in just 2,619 feet, one of the shortest landing distances for a jet of its class.

The Citation CJ2 is one of the most cost-effective and dependable jet charter aircraft available. It is a sturdy, well-engineered jet plane, with a first-rate cabin and which has all the required amenities for passengers to have a refreshing and enjoyable flight.

These features make the CJ2 very popular with business and leisure travellers looking for an economical and reliable option. A great aircraft for short trips around Europe.