Private jet customs stop

When you hire a private jet you have access to more airports than commercial flights. Landing at smaller airports around Europe allows you to get closer to your destination. However sometimes these smaller airports do not have customs on-site so you have to clear customs en route to your final destination. Smaller airports may also be military airports and close early than larger airports.

Falcona recently organised a charter flight from Manchester to Le Castellet in France. after booking we were informed that Le Castellet Airport does not have customs and therefore we cannot directly arrive from the UK.

Operator – We would propose a stop in Paris, to clear customs and continue from there to Le Castellet. As this is an added landing and some extra flight time there will be as small extra cost associated. A customs stop is required for departure and arrival unfortunately so it’s needed on both ways. Please let me know how the passengers would like to proceed.

After speaking to the passengers they were ok with the customs stop in Paris.

Due to inclement weather in Paris tomorrow morning (Fog and Mist with RVR down to near nothing) we have opted to change the political stop from Paris to Lyon. On the way back we will stick with Paris, the forecast will have improved by then.

Everything was fine with the customs stop in France and our passengers enjoyed their trip.