Fly with your pet

If you’re thinking of private jet hire for travelling with your pet, then flying private is the best way to travel. Air travel is simply too stressful for most animals, especially when they are placed in an aircraft’s cargo hold like they do on commercial aircraft.

They will be carried in the plane’s cargo hold, where dozens of animals die each year from heat and stress. From travelling and relocating with pets to any place of the world, we provide you a complete, professional and efficient pet transportation service, with comfort, safety and convenience.

You are no longer sitting in single seat with limited space. We provide the best pet travel arrangements by private jet, so that you can arrive at your destination relaxed and rested.

We take care of all the little details that we important to you. With Falcona you and your beloved pets are welcome aboard. Their journey couldn’t be more different when they fly private.

Not only do they travel in the cabin with you they can move around the cabin, have special snacks and even their favourite blanket to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Air travel, by commercial airline is in fact, not just stressful for animals. It can also be extremely dangerous, regardless of the smooth landing, timely the departure or friendly the flight attendants.

Conditions in the cargo hold of commercial jets are not always friendly; temperatures can fluctuate wildly, noise can be tremendous and air pressure can drop significantly, and pets that are checked into this dark space beneath the passenger cabin sometimes die.

Flying is frightening if you don’t know what’s happening. Many people today wish to include their pets in family holidays and the best way to do that is to fly private with your pet.

We take care of all the little details that we important to you. Your own trip itinerary. Sitting with your pets in the cabin. Pet catering options available.

More and more now, families consider their pets to be members of the family and want to include them on trips.

Unfortunately, commercial airlines don’t consider animals a member of your family. Airlines consider your pet as cargo.

Unforeseen hazards can arise once a plane is loaded and prepared for take-off. On airplanes that have been delayed after leaving the terminal and parked on the blazing tarmac, temperatures can escalate dangerously. Let Falcona fly you and your pet safely to your favourite holiday destination or to to your second home.


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request. This estimated price is subject to availability, slots, traffic rights and schedule.