Cabin Crew

The cabin crew is ready to welcome each of our guests onboard and provide a bespoke and completely tailored hospitality experience.

Experienced cabin crew have years of flying experience in commercial and private aviation. They are warm, hospitable, attentive, and ready to serve you and your guests with dedication and exemplary service.

For a flying experience of the highest standards in private aviation, your cabin crew are committed to providing you with an enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable journey in the skies.

The demand for bigger aircraft, longer flights and comfort continue to increase. With this in mind the need for highly trained and qualified cabin crew has grown. In 2019 flights are only going to continue getting longer.  


After completing a unique training course, the cabin staff are ready to welcome customers on board. Bespoke Catering – serve the finest cuisine across the fleet during your journey. 

In the world of private aviation, there can be no room for oversights or slip-ups, even when circumstances change or the unforeseen occurs.

That is where your flight attendants come into their own; their experience and training ensure that any difficulties or complications are speedily resolved – invariably without the client even knowing.

Gast Maison Manchester delivering catering on embraer legacy 650 private jet

Flexibility and client focus are key qualities possessed by our flight attendants, plus an instinctive attentiveness that ensures a highly personalised, first-class service

Catering for most aircraft come with standard catering which might include non alcoholic beverages and snacks.

Some operators will provide sandwiches, canapes, fruit platter and snacks. Others on larger aircraft a three course fine dining menu will be available. 

So when you travel on a larger aircraft, you will get to have the real private jet experience.