Why meeting face-face is great for your business?

Charter a private jet for your next business trip and stay ahead of the competition. In a global world, your business and employees need to be able to travel when they want. We all know extensive business travel can be time consuming and frustrating, sacrificing time spent with family and loved ones.

Whilst a private charter does cost more than a scheduled flight, it’s important that you factor in the flexibility, time saved and ability to work or rest while you travel and for many it is a better use of both your time and money. 

What is business aviation? 

According to the EBBA (European Business Aviation Association), business aviation is defined as the use of a general aviation airplanes for a business or private purpose.

It is essential to thousands of companies of all types and sizes in Europe that are trying to compete in a global marketplace that demands speed, flexibility, efficiency and productivity.


Falcona has access to the best aircraft available for charter. We’re able to select aircraft no older than five years old and with no owner approval required.

This stops the possibility of your aircraft being needed by the owner if they want it for their own needs. Getting a firm price and with no owner approval needed you can book your aircraft much quicker.


Most of the elite aircraft that we charter have cabins that bring a new level of refinement to the interior experience with the latest design, advanced ergonomics for more comfort, fast inflight Wi-Fi connectivity and intuitive cabin management system available for a uniquely sumptuous and productive environment. 


Although you save time and money using technology to communicate, the positive impact and rewards of face-to-face engagement with clients, employees and external stakeholders is priceless.

Businesses continue to view face-to-face meetings as essential, despite the advances in teleconferencing technologies.

Over three quarters of those UK individuals surveyed in a new business travel survey – conducted by You Gov for American Express – said that face-to-face meetings are “essential to achieving business objectives”.

What’s more over half of respondents said that reducing current levels of business travel would give competitors an advantage, and a third said that if business travel was curbed they would expect revenue to decrease by 25 per cent or more.

Bombardier Global 5000 ipad

The majority of passengers now see in-flight connectivity as a necessity according to a new survey published by Inmarsat. The ability to connect to personal devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets is now an essential part of travelling for business.

Our customers also demand point-to-point safety and privacy on all their flights, so when you fly with us, you can expect these to be standard features on all flights.

BUSINESS PEOPLE Boarding Falcon 7X

Companies that need to reach multiple destinations in a single day may elect to use business aviation because that type of mission could be hard or impossible to complete with other modes of transportation.

Gulfstream G200 take off at Manchester Airport

We have a regular client that flies by private jet from Manchester due to the fact that the airport that they want to travel too, is not well served by commercial airliners, and a day trip is not feasible.

Our clients trip is made possible with a private jet day return trip, they depart at 8am and return home at 6.30pm having done their business. If they want to leave or or later, they just let us know and we arrange the change in schedule.

Not only do they get to their chosen destination direct, they’re also back home in Manchester in time for family dinner.


An EBBA survey revealed that 72 percent of passengers aboard business airplanes are non-executive employees.

Companies often send teams of employees to a given destination because it is the most cost-effective means of transport.


Bombardier Laerjet 75 interior

Business aviation is a productivity tool – when travelling aboard business aircraft, passengers can plan and work en route.

Business aviation also allows employees to discuss proprietary information in a secure environment without fear of eavesdropping, industrial espionage or physical threat.

Schedule Predictability

More than 3 percent of all commercial airline flights are cancelled. Nearly one quarter are delayed. Today, because of record load factors on commercial airlines, if your flight is cancelled or a delay causes you to miss your connection, the odds of you getting on the next flight are significantly reduced.

When the future of a company and its employees is dependent upon you arriving on time, business aviation is an important tool.

A business jet allows you the freedom to choose and control what matters to you, saving time both on the ground and in the air.

Main Advantages

  • You arrive before your competitors
  • Fly direct to your destination
  • Choose your own schedule
  • Book at short notice
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to departure
  • You can avoid security lines and check-in queues
  • The aircraft will be your completely private workspace
  • More time to spend with your family

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