How To Book Your Private Jet

Our Step By Step Guide to Chartering a Private Jet

Benefits of chartering a private jet

A private jet charter is the easiest and best option for those who want to travel occasionally whether it’s for business or pleasure. It involves you hiring an aircraft for your journey on a one-off basis with no long term commitment or large investments prior to flying.

The main and most important difference between booking a commercial flight and a business flight is that your journey is fully customised to your needs.  When you book a private flight the entire process is based around you.
You tell us where you would like to go ( we search nearest and best airport) to get you closer to your final destination, what time you would like to depart and return.

Flying by private jet is a lot more complex than when you fly commercial, due to there being so many variables in terms of which type of aircraft is most suitable for your journey, which airport, your time of departure, and the number of passengers travelling, owner approval etc; which is why using a knowledgeable charter broker is a lot easier, saving you time and hassle in the long run.

When you charter a private jet, the biggest benefit to you is, saved time. You get to bypass the long security lines, you often fly direct to your destination. You only travel with people that you know, in a comfortable environment. You will also have more control with your travel schedule.

Where to start?

If you’re new to private jet charter it’s vitally important that you do your research before booking a flight on a jet. You can begin your search on line and review the various charter brokers in your area. We always suggest that you use a reputable company, one that you can speak to on the phone or actually visit in person.

Safety and experience should be your primary decision maker not price. So make sure when you decide to charter a private jet that you review all details carefully before you book.

A lot of websites with fancy pictures and graphics, claim to be the best and cheapest brokers with offices all over the world, when in fact they don’t. As an unregulated business your charter broker could be a ‘bedroom broker’ with little or no real knowledge of the industry or the aircraft most suitable for your flight.

Private jet charter flights can cost thousands of pounds and with websites taking your money, it’s imperative that you perform due diligence, or you could be left without a plane for your journey and lose your money.

Falcona location at Signature Flight Support Manchester

{Falcona location at Signature Flight Support Private Jet Terminal in Manchester}.

1. Your Enquiry

Once you have decided on the details of your flight, contact us via telephone or by email. Just let us know the details of your desired flight, including your destination, dates, preferred departure time, number of passengers, and any other requests you may have.

After speaking on the phone, we will search our database of aircraft and compare all the aircraft available for you. You can then decide to choose which aircraft you would like to book.

If you are unsure we will always let you know, whether the aircraft has standing room, good luggage capacity or has wi-fi for instance.

We will provide you with a quote by email within an two to three hours depending on the availability of aircraft. In your quote you will find all the relevant details about the aircraft including number of seats, year of manufacture along with pictures of the aircraft.

2. Your Personalised Quote

Every flight we do is different so you will receive a personalised quotation for your journey. If you need to change anything, then we will adjust the quote accordingly.

Once you have accepted the quote, we will then go back to the operator to confirm the aircraft availability. Soon as we can confirm this we will notify you of this and ask you to return our terms & conditions, which are attached to your quote and once we have received it we then book your aircraft with the operator on your behalf.

Your quote will include all known airport taxes and catering unless stated. Full payment is made upfront prior to your flight on booking by bank transfer or credit card for last minute charter flights.

Additional costs such as de-icing, transfers, special catering requests or on-board wi-fi charges incurred during the flight will need to be settled after your flight.

3. Your Confirmation

After booking your private jet charter flight, we’ll provide you with a complete itinerary. You will receive your itinerary with all the necessary information regarding your flight, such as your departure terminal, its location and your meeting time.

Also on your itinerary if you have asked for a chauffeur to or from the airport, along with the call sign and aircraft registration.

This will include the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) information, including the general aviation terminal for both departure and arrival, as well as the aircraft tail number and call sign.

Once this is completed, the aircraft is reserved and charter agreements will be exchanged. Payment dates and details will be outlined in your agreement.

Once all that has been arranged we will require you to send through up to date and valid passports for all those travelling. We will also ask if you have any special catering requests or if you need transfers.

4. Day of your flight

On the day of departure, you simply need to arrive at the airport 15 minutes before your flight is due to take off. Everything will be taken care of to ensure a smooth journey, so you simply need to board and enjoy the experience.

We generally ask that you arrive at the terminal 15-20 minutes prior to your departure. If you’re travelling on a large aircraft, then you will need to go through security screening process. It’s the same as if you were travelling on a commercial flight but a lot quicker as it’s only your party that is screened.

For any security screening flights we recommend arriving 30 minutes before departure. Running late due to being stuck in traffic or forgot passport, don’t worry just notify us and then we can let the operator know. It won’t leave without you!

Upon arrival at the private jet terminal, you will find a number of amenities, including lounges, snacks, conference rooms, internet access, and other available services.

You will be met by a member of the reception staff at the terminal who will take your bags and then check your passport to make sure that it matches the ones sent in by the operator. You will be shown to the lounge where you can relax prior to your flight. Your pilots will come in and introduce themselves, whilst giving you any up dates with air traffic and when you can depart.

Once all your luggage is loaded onto the aircraft, you will be escorted by a member of staff and a pilot to your aircraft. Then you’re ready to fly to your destination.

Your request will be dealt with by a single charter broker, ensuring you have continuity throughout the booking process. You can check out our FAQs for more information.

Don’t forget that we have access to thousands of the best private jets worldwide, so your perfect aircraft is never far away.