How to book a private jet flight

Private jet hire is expected to become more popular due to the global pandemic. There are many benefits for business and leisure travellers using a private jet. Now our consumers want to travel in their own social bubble for added safety and security.

The actual process of booking an entire aircraft is typically not complicated as long as the right questions are asked and you work with a good charter broker or operator.

Getting prices for and booking a private jet can be as simple as booking online with some companies, sending a few emails, DocuSigning a contract, and providing a credit card for payment.

Though it’s not as easy as going online to buy an airline ticket, the process can be done with a few emails to a ‘charter broker’, like Falcona. A DocuSign, and a invoice for payment via bank transfer or credit card.

The private jet charter world, however, can be tricky as not all aircraft operators are created equal and the cheapest option isn’t always the best option, especially when it comes to aviation.

The number of passengers may automatically determine the minimum required size of an aircraft. For example, when flying with nine people, a super mid-size aircraft will likely be required while a group of only five people can fit easily into a super-light jet such as the Cessna Citation XLS.


Thank you for your request.
*** Please let me know how can I assist you to keep moving forward with this request***

Price Includes:
• All aircraft fees as per the above schedule. • Applicable passenger taxes and charges. • Handling agent charges.
• Standard catering and bar requests. Snacks and drinks.

Price Does Not Include:
• WI-fI, >Passenger ground transportation. • Additional insurance premium if required. • De-icing and hangarage.• Italian Luxury Tax

The quoted price is subject to continued crew and aircraft availability, airport slots, parking, traffic rights, permissions and final schedule.

20/05/21 17:00 Biggin Hill, GB (EGKB) Inverness, GB (EGPE) 18:19 (8) 1:19
24/05/21 17:00 Inverness, GB (EGPE) Biggin Hill, GB (EGKB) 18:19 (8) 1:19

Price: £20,000


Once you have decided on the aircraft of your choice, you will be sent a contract to fill out agreeing to the terms and conditions of the flight and any cancellation or change policy imposed by the company.

The signed document, which can be done over e-signing software DocuSign in most cases, secures the aircraft and the flight, and then the client has to pay for the flight on booking or before the day of departure.

Payment for flight by credit card

Payment is due on booking and if the flight is 12 weeks or more prior to departure a 20% deposit can be made, to secure the aircraft.

Payment is usually done via bank transfer but can also be done via a credit card, this will incur credit card fees on top.

The method typically depends on what the company is most comfortable with, especially with new clients.

Once the trip is booked and an aircraft is assigned, we will provide you with a flight brief. The brief, lists three important details: the tail number of the aircraft, the departure facility (FBO), and the departure time.

If it doesn’t feel right, don’t book it

If the price sounds too good to be true, beware. Yes there are times when a good price comes up, but make sure what you’re booking is a legal flight, or a one way not an empty leg flight.  Illegal charter flights and scammers pretend to be in the know, but they’re not.

The Civil Aviation Authority

The Civil Aviation Authority (‘CAA’) wishes to raise awareness around the risks of illegal public transport using unlicensed aircraft for commercial purposes. The use of such aircraft is a risk to the safety of passengers carried.

The CAA has updated its guidance material and reminds the users of aircraft being charted commercially that the operator is required to hold an Air Operators Certificate, this means that they are properly regulated and operate to internationally recognised safety standards. If an aircraft is operated on a commercial basis outside of these regulations then it is likely that the flight will be illegal and that any insurance could be invalidated.

If  anybody has any specific questions on this matter, then they are invited to make contact with the CAA who can give further advice if needed, either through the e-mail addresses in the attached or through the CAA’s website which can be found at:

Book your private jet with peace of mind

Whether you’re new to private jet charter or a regular private jet traveller, you can put your trust in us to look after your travel needs. Many of our first time clients, have chosen to call or pop into our offices to discuss their travel requirements.

Although  it’s not as quick as just booking online, you get to have a look around the private jet terminal facilities and know that everything is legitimate.

We will ensure the correct aircraft is chosen as one size does not fit all and the cheapest and smallest option is not always the best option.

You can’t put a price on your safety.


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request. This estimated price is subject to availability, slots, traffic rights and schedule.