Light Jets Luggage

When you decide to charter a private jet, it’s imperative to choose the right aircraft, that you’re able to fit all your luggage in the hold of the aircraft.  With light private jets, there’s a lot less luggage space than on larger private jets.


Internal baggage capacity is the amount of available baggage which can be kept inside the aircraft where there will be pressurisation and temperature control. Accesible from in the cabin.

External baggage capacity is the amount of baggage space accessed from outside the aircraft and may not have pressurisation or temperature control. Not accessible during flight.

Total number of bags is the total number of bags, using an average 5 cubic feet per bags plus 2 cubic feet of space between bags (unusable space) that you could expect to fit in the aircraft.

Excess baggage is the amount of baggage that is in excess of the free allowance in size, number, or weight permitted for the journey.

At the operators discretion, this may may have to be sent as freight instead. So it may be time to simply switch to a smaller bag. This will save you any stress at the terminal worrying about whether your bag is too big and will have to be left behind.

Every operator has its own policies with regard to baggage allowance on their aircraft.

Pack Light For Your Flight

We have seen flights where clients have had to leave items/cases behind as the aircraft was not the right one. This usually happens when the broker has not explained that certain aircraft are not equipped to tale a lot of luggage or they do not check with the operator prior to the flight.

A good charter broker will inform their clients of how much luggage is acceptable.

Of course, your luggage isn’t necessarily measured in cubic feet, for example golf clubs, skis, dive gear and so forth, so before you charter a super-light jet make sure you let your broker know what your’e thinking of travelling with.

Light Jets

Jet aircraft with a MTOW between 12 000 and 18 000 lbs.

  • Beechjet 400
  • Beechjet 400A
  • Citation Bravo
  • Citation CJ 4
  • Citation CJ2
  • Citation CJ2+
  • Citation CJ3
  • Citation CJ3+
  • Citation CJ4
  • Hawker 400 A
  • Hawker 400XP
  • Nextant 400XTi
  • Premier IA

These aircraft are not security screening flights at Manchester private jet terminal, so you can just turn up fifteen minutes prior to departure. We recommend these three aircraft if your travelling with a fair bit of luggage. These super light jets have the most space for your baggage.


The Citation CJ3 is a popular light jet available for charter flights. Ideal for travelling around Europe with out the need for a fuel stop. Seating up to seven people the cabin has a spacious feel to it, leather seats, a toilet and mini bar.

On each flight there will be catering suitable to the time of day. Any catering and bar is included in your price. With seating for up to eight this means that you may want to bring a lot of luggage whether especially for a family holiday such as Manchester to the Algarve.

The baggage compartment can hold up to seven cases/bags assuming your average piece of luggage is less than 5 cubic feet. Because of its good size luggage compartment this jet is perfect for families, golfing – and skiing trips.

Aircraft 2. Nextant 400XTi

The Nextant 400XTi outperforms all other light jets by nearly every measure, with a 2,003 nautical mile range and a high cruising speed of 460 knots per hour. The ideal aircraft for European flights.

Nextant 400XTi is designed with a custom cabin interior and adorned with the striking company paint scheme. In creating the stylish cabin interiors, premium leathers, the finest hardwoods and laminates, custom wool carpeting and luxurious fabrics.

The cabin’s flat floor – due to the squared-oval cabin cross section – offers generous headroom and shoulder space. The aircraft configuration features a three-seat divan and a four-place club seat arrangement with 32 inches of legroom – the most legroom in the club seating area of any light jet.

The 400XTi features an enclosed aft lavatory and, a full refreshment centre.

{Luggage for Nextant 400XTi flight}

Luggage on this aircraft is small/medium soft sided cases or bags. One per person is preferable if there are six or seven passengers travelling.

Aircraft 3. Citation Bravo

The Bravo has long been a favourite in the European charter market with an excellent blend of range, speed, comfort, carrying capacity and cost-efficiency. It has also demonstrated an outstanding safety record.

It also benefits from reduced runway-length requirements, air conditioning and a two-place side-facing couch, highly unusual amongst Bravos, and can therefore carry 8 passengers in comfort.

The Citation Bravo has good range, able to fly you directly from Manchester to Malaga in 3 hours 15 minutes. We recommend taking 6-7 medium size pieces of luggage, depending on the configuration of the aircraft.

If you’re flying on the other aircraft in the light jet category then we definitely recommend that you speak to a charter broker before booking a flight.

As your broker we always recommend on light jets such as the above that you bring soft small to medium size cases, as these are easier to fit into the hold on these aircraft.

The Citation CJ3 is a good aircraft for short trips for golfing holidays either to Scotland or Mallorca. It can fit 2-3 medium size cases and 2 sets of standard size golf clubs.

Although the crew will be able to wiggle and fit pieces in it’s much easier this way and means that you can fly safely and comfortably.

Travel With Your Luggage

Your luggage comes with you and stays with you on a privately chartered jet. So no more worries over missing skis, snowboards, boots or suitcases.

Remember when you land your bags come off straight away and are taken to your waiting transport, so there’s no hanging around the baggage reclaim on landing.

The only real way to ensure you and your luggage arrive at the same time

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