How do we choose our charter aircraft?

When you hire a private jet through a charter broker, you have access to a team who will look after all your private jet hire needs. In short, we’ll save you time and hassle. At all times we ensure that high standards are maintained, so that you can have peace of mind when travelling with us.

Using a private jet charter broker is similar to using a mortgage broker who searches for the best available mortgages on your behalf. As a charter broker we help to speed up the booking process and take away the stress of trying to decipher all the information when booking.

Our knowledge of aircraft and operators allows us to spot which one will be most suitable for your flight. 

By visiting and viewing the planes on a regular basis, we get to meet the pilots who will fly you and check that the aircraft is up to our high standards. 

We do all the hard work for you. Whether you use or speak to one of our expert advisers over the phone, we’ll search right across the private jet marketplace to find the deal that’s right for you. 

Unlike a lot of charter brokers we don’t choose our operators and aircraft for your charter flight based on price alone.

We will consider, the suitability of the aircraft for the flight, the size of the operator fleet, replacement aircraft, just to name a few of the criteria.  

We have built up a list of reputable and reliable operators that are in line with our work ethos. Chartering a private jet allows you to relax in a safe and secure environment with your family and friends.


From budget and type of jets to the number of people travelling and your onboard experience. We will consider everything from your preferred type of aircraft, fuel stop, stand up cabin,catering and onboard amenities.

The “right jet” depends on where you want to travel and the type of experience you want from your flight.

Here are some practical considerations to keep in mind:

How many passengers will be travelling?

What type of experience do you want?

Is it a one way or return flight?

Are you flexible with travel dates?

How much luggage will you be travelling with? 

What are your must-have features? Think wi-fi, dvd, hot catering, smoking? etc. 

Will you be travelling with children, babies?


If you have a budget we will aim to source aircraft that will suit your needs. However if we can’t we will source the most suitable aircraft for your journey. 

Travel With Pets – Not all private jets allow pets. So using our charter marketplace we can source aircraft that are approved for carrying pets. 

Catering –  The standard catering for small aircraft, that don’t have heating facilities is fairly basic.

Example Option 1 – Butter croissant, mini Danish, mini pain au Chocolat, Greek yogurt with honey, sliced fruit

Option 2 – Continental meats and cheeses, bread rolls and butter, fruit yogurt, sliced fresh fruit

Option 3 – Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, fruit yogurt, sliced fresh fruit

Option 4 – Selection of sandwiches with garnish, Sliced fresh fruit and mini cakes

Option 5 – Chicken Caesar or Greek Salad (please specify), fresh bread rolls and sliced fresh fruit. 

On larger aircraft we can organise a 3 course meal and fine dining to suit your needs. Working closely with the operators, flight attendants and catering teams, we can make it feel like you’re dining at a high end restaurant.

Replacement Aircraft

If something goes wrong on the day of departure, you may have to wait for another aircraft to arrive. Using a reputable operator who will help to source another aircraft at no extra cost is crucial to keeping you and other customers happy.

This is not standard procedure, so it makes our choice of operators easier. We only work with those who value your custom.  won’t have to pay extra for a replacement aircraft. 

With some on-demand charter operators or brokers, unless you have a special arrangement with your broker, you will need to pay the difference. It could also mean having to fly a plane in, creating a ferry flight charge. This means you end up paying more, depending on availability of aircraft. 


Bombardier Global 6000 cabin interior

Our mission is to deliver you the ultimate private jet charter experience and matching you with the ideal aircraft for your flight.

A lot of new online companies, tend to not now about all the other factors associated with booking a private jet. They will just give you an option on an aircraft that isn’t fit for purpose. 

For example using a small Citation Mustang for a flight from Manchester to Mallorca or a booking a light jet such as the HondaJet for a family with lots of luggage. These are just a couple of the issues we have seen with new charter flyers.   

We feel that the personal touch is the best way when it comes to booking a jet. So you can always email, phone or message us if you have any queries. 


No queuing at the terminal as we offer VIP private terminals and handlers.

You don’t have to arrive 2-3 hours prior to departure – arrive 30 mins prior to departure.

No waiting around for your luggage – it simply follows you off the aircraft.

No waiting in the security and customs queue – you’re we pre- cleared prior to the flight.

Limited risk of lengthy delays and cancellations. 

Along with the jet we can also organise chauffeur directly to the private jet terminal  if required – no long walks through terminals. 


All our new private jet Covid19 procedures have been put in place for aircraft, to keep our passengers and the crew safe from the contracting or spreading this disease.


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request. This estimated price is subject to availability, slots, traffic rights and schedule.