Discover the Gulfstream G550

Style & Charisma

The iconic Gulfstream G550 is an outstanding ultra long range aircraft. Its elegant, dynamic exterior provides kudos for even the most discerning traveller.
Sleek engineering and power, enables this aircraft to carry you further and faster than other business jets in its class. It’s capable of flying up to 6,750 nautical miles or 13.5 hours.
It’s the perfect aircraft for those long range business flights. Capable of flying direct from Manchester to Tokyo, New York to Dubai and Shanghai to Los Angeles.
The world’s best selling intercontinental business jet has a spacious stand up cabin with over sized panoramic windows, a full service galley and can seat you and up to seventeen other passengers in unrivalled luxury.
Onboard you will experience an extensive range of facilities that allow you to continue with business or you can simply relax. Featuring multiple cabin zones, the G550 allows you to move from a business environment to an enclosed and relaxing space whilst you’re on the move. You will arrive at your destination ready and refreshed, even on the longest of flights.
  • Crew 2
  • Cabin Attendant 1-2 
  • Cabin stereo
  • iPod
  • DVD
  • Sat Com
  • Beds up to 6
  • Full service galley
  • Wi-fi
  • 100% fresh air cabin climate control
  • Baggage capacity 226cu ft


Gulfstream G550 galley

{Gulfstream G550 galley}


Height; 1.90m (6ft 3in)
Width: 2.23m (7ft 3in)
Length 15.27m (50ft 1in)


Max speed 904km/h (488kts)
Cruising speed 848km/h (458kts)
Landing distance 1500m (4921ft)
Max payload 2812kgs (6186lbs)
Range (km) 12192 (6750nm)
Range (hours) Approx 13.5

Charter request

To charter a flight on the Gulfstream G550 please email or call us on +44 (0)161 436 0124 today to book your flight.