Book a private jet summer holiday

Book your private jet summer or autumn getaway this year. There’s no better way to travel with family and friends this year. You fly in your own social bubble eliminating the risk associated with commercial airlines.

There are valid reasons for you to book your flight sooner rather than later. It’s all about demand, we assume there will be an increase in demand for flights once we all know where we can travel from May 17th. 

These aircraft that are available now at a good price may not be available if you leave it until the last minute to book your flight.


Prices could increase if demand continues and there is a limited number of aircraft and destinations open for travel. Right now we are seeing some really good prices for aircraft during the summer and also September and October. 

However there’s every indication it will start to prove more challenging for consumers with a lack of availability, slots and permit issues. 



– Just to update you on our plans….

We could go to Italy now because of the so called Stanley Johnson loophole! I.e. we have a new house we completed last November but haven’t been able to visit.

But our area in Italy has only just come out of lockdown and until April 30th still has 10 pm curfew and 5 day quarantine on arrival – hopefully this will change in may. Assuming Italy will be on our amber list from 17th then we will have to put up with quarantine/testing on return to UK – presumable border control meet us at Signature?

So I think we will probably end up travelling June 1st to give us a couple of weeks after the 17th to see what’s occurring. Then we are definitely holidaying in July (unless we go backwards by then!) around 17th for 2 weeks. So hopefully 2 return trips, early June and late July. Might be worth checking availability but don’t think we can commit until after 17th. What d you think?


Availability of aircraft is currently good at the minute and prices similar for the category of jet you prefer. However things are easing and people are starting to book aircraft. This will have an affect on availability and price. Do anticipate a rush once the travel traffic light system is released or nearer the 17th May.

You do have the option of getting it booked in and if there are any issues can re-schedule like last year. Or hold out and see what Boris tells us. It’s tricky, so it’s entirely up to you and the family how you feel.  Have a think and let me know, as i can always get you a quote and take it from there.

So to conclude it’s advisable to book earlier and secure your aircraft before the mad rush. This way you can get a good price and know that you have the option to re-schedule the flight if you need to.

However we can see why some clients would not like to book too early, due to travel restrictions changing all the time. Under the government’s proposed traffic-light system, counties will be categorised as red, amber or green depending their infection rates, vaccination coverage and the prevalence of variants of concern.

Covid testing and quarantine requirements will vary from category to category. All passengers will have to take Covid tests before leaving and on returning – even from low-risk “green” countries.


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request. This estimated price is subject to availability, slots, traffic rights and schedule.