Bombardier Global 5000 v Gulfstream G450

When it comes to luxury private jet charter, the Bombardier Global 5000 and the Gulfstream G450 are right up there with the top of the range jets. Whether it’s for business or leisure, both these aircraft are perfect for your flight.

Here we look at both private jets;

The Bombardier Global 5000 is intended to compete directly with the Gulfstream G450, but offering a larger cabin, longer range, higher speed and better field performance.


Bombardier Global 5000  

The aircraft has a design range of 4,800nm at Mach 0.85, sufficient to reach continental Europe from central North America. Range at the maximum cruise speed of M0.88 is 6,850km.


The longer-range aircraft’s crew rest-area and large forward galley have been eliminated, but the passenger cabin is only slightly shorter and volume is 12% greater than the GIV-SP’s.

The Global 5000 is a super-large business jet with a full complement of new features and solid capabilities that deliver superior office productivity, maximum performance and state-of-the-art technological innovations.

An aircraft that delivers a truly global performance, the Global 5000 is equipped for take-off from shorter, more challenging airfields, and flies passengers faster than any other business jet in its class.


The Global 5000 is the benchmark for grace, power and performance – a global jet for a discerning global business flier like you.

  • Seat Configuration:12 Pax
  • Crew:3 Pilots
  • Engines:Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR710A2-20 turbofans
  • Range:11 hours
  • Cruise Speed:934 Km/h
  • Take off Distance:5,540 ft
  • Landing Distance:2,670 ft
  • Initial Cruise Attitude:41,000 ft
  • Cabin Volume:2,022 cu. ft
  • Cabin Height:6.25 (Ft
  • Cabin Width:8.17 (Ft
  • Cabin Length:42.47 ft
  • Luggage Capacity: 25 Big Bags

Gulfstream G450  

An aircraft with outstanding capabilities, offering a truly exceptional in-flight experience, with more business, relaxation and entertainment available than, any other large business jet. The Gulfstream G450’s main competitors are the Bombardier Global 5000 and Dassault Falcon 900EX/LX, respectively, having 10-in. and 5-in wider cross sections.

The Global 5000 essentially has the same cabin length as the G450. Having leading edge slats, large-cabin competitors have better runway performance than the “hard wing” G450.


But, it’s a larger, heavier and considerably thirstier aircraft. Performance and speed considerations aside, Gulfstream trumps the competition with its unsurpassed product support.

Getting you there quicker. With an impressive range whether you are flying domestically or internationally our Gulfstream G450 is the ideal choice for up to 14 passengers. Certified to operate at up to 45,000 feet it can fly higher than commercial airlines, avoiding congestion at lower levels along the way.

For example, it is capable of direct flights from Geneva to New York and can undertake these flights in much less time than the average large business jet. In spite of such high speeds and engine power, the cabin remains tranquil and comfortable.



  • Max Cruise Speed 560 mph; 900 km/h –
  • Max Range 4,350 nm; 8,056 km –
  •  at Mach 0.80 with 8 passengers –
  • Max Altitude 45,000 ft; 13,700 m


Gulfstrean G450 cabin leather seats

  • Cabin Height 6 ft 2 in; 1.88 m
  • Cabin Width 7 ft 4 in; 2.24m
  • Cabin Length 40 ft 4 in; 12.29m
  • Baggage Capacity 130 cu ft; 3.68 cu m

In the Cabin


Providing more high-comfort living and working area than any of its peers, the comforts and features of the Global 5000 are conducive to relaxed productivity.

The aircraft boasts business aviation’s finest digital Cabin Electronic Systems, high-calibre, high-speed connectivity, a full set of equipment to match your on-ground office, plus on-demand news/weather/sports packages along with High Definition entertainment choices.

With the largest cabin space and the widest cross-section in the entry long range business jet category, the Global 5000 gives you more comfort with increased head room and leg room, and a versatile seating arrangement with ample space to stretch your legs.

A three zone cabin layout provides for a true aft stateroom, your own world of privacy and comforts including independent entertainment system and temperature controls.


The 1,552 cubic foot cabin measures 6.2 feet high, 7.8 feet wide, and 39.1 feet long.  There is also 140 cubic feet of baggage space.  In addition to ample space, the cabin is the epitome of comfort.  Features include lower noise levels, larger windows and advanced temperature monitoring.

Gulfstream G450

The spacious interior accommodates up to 14 passengers in 3 separate seating areas and the aft galley produces VIP catering during the flight.

Overall, Gulfstream combine performance and luxury in the G450 to get you to your destination quickly and comfortably. the G450 is a high-performance aircraft, being both extremely fast and offering a good range.


Overall, Gulfstream combine performance and luxury in the G450 to get you to your destination quickly and comfortably.



It offers similar mission capabilities to its ultra-long range competitors but with using far less fuel and far more airport options.



As a member of the Gulfstream family, the G450 is a high-performance aircraft, being both extremely fast and offering a good range. For example, it is capable of direct flights from Geneva to New York and can undertake these flights in much less time.


The  is a popular large cabin, long-range private jet that can fly between any two points on the globe with a maximum of one fuel stop.

It has a range of about 4,328 nautical miles, a climb rate of 3,760 feet per minute, a cruise speed of 464 knots, requires 5,626 feet to take-off and 3,374 feet to land.

Which is better?

Depending on your requirements, the Bombardier Global 5000 does offer a wider cabin as standard and a slightly longer range. The Gulfstream G450 is also a top of the range aircraft and you really can’t go wrong with a G450 charter flight.

Whichever aircraft you decide to book, you won’t be disappointed.


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request.

Any additional operational charges that we may incur to operate this quoted schedule, ie Out of Hours (OOHs) and airfield Extensions, Fire Cover Upgrade and AIRCRAFT DE-ICING are not included in this quotation price. This estimated price is subject to availability, slots, traffic rights and schedule.