Latest Empty Leg Flights

We have some fantastic private jet charter empty leg flight coming up.  If you have some flexibility in your search for private jet travel, then empty leg charters can be a very cost effective way of enjoying a private aircraft.

Why should you choose for an empty leg charter?

Before resigning yourself to the extra time and extra hassle of public flying, though, there is one option to consider that can save you a substantial amount of money – taking an empty leg charter.

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Date From To Aircraft Price*
Fri 04 Oct Malaga Costa del Sol Biggin Hill Learjet 45 £13,000
Fri 04 Oct Malaga Costa del Sol Preveza Aktio Learjet 45 £11,500
Fri 11 Oct Schiphol, Amsterdam London Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £3,500
Sun 13 Oct London Biggin Hill Schiphol, Amsterdam Learjet 75 £3,500
Sun 13 Oct Florence, Italy Manchester Citation CJ2 £5,500
Sun 20 Oct Manchester Florence, Italy Citation CJ2 £5,500
Mon 09 Dec Teesside International London Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £4,000
Wed 11 Dec London Biggin Hill Teesside International Learjet 75 £4,000
Fri 13 Dec Chambery Mont Blanc London Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £5,850
Mon 16 Dec London Biggin Hill Chambery Mont Blanc Learjet 75 £5,850
Mon 23 Dec Malaga Costa del Sol London Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £9,500


Please note these flights are quoted/booked/operated using an empty sector/temporary base or linked flight from a previously booked charter.

Should the principle charter cancel or change prior to departure the price will be recalculated and advised, the client will then have the option to cancel their charter or accept the new costs. All other normal terms and conditions apply.

*Prices are estimated, actual prices should be requested through the sales team and they are subject to change.